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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

txtRng: The stylus with style..."On Hand" when you need it

On sale there was an interesting accessory called txtRng. 

New product is a fairly large silicone ring that fits over the tip of his finger on the principle of a thimble. Small pads are located on the outer side of the gadget, perfect glide across the smooth surface of the touch screen, and most importantly do not leave it to trace. TxtRng accessory designed to seriously compete with the stylus, but considering its price, it is unlikely to succeed.

The device is universal, so it can be used for games, and for comfortable typing, for example, if the keypad is too small and the touch of a finger is pressed several buttons. It is also useful for drawing. For added convenience, you can use just two of the ring, dressed in his thumbs.
Interesting, but not as cheap as we'd like. Cost is $ 30 accessory.

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