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Friday, January 20, 2012

The 4 Deadliest Jobs Any Man Can Have That Are Not Illegal. (career, risks, future, planning, success, life)

dangerous jobs

You pretty much expect to get shot to death if you’re dealing drugs, but there are also a number of the deadliest jobs any man can have that are not illegal. You might expect police officer, fire fighter and skyscraper window washer to make the deadliest cut, but there are other jobs out there that actually have a higher rate of fatality. An average of twelve people die on the job every day, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that’s not counting the ones who perish from absolute cubicle boredom. These are legal jobs that get you out and about on mini-adventures. Going for such a deadly job could really be a turn-on for the ladies, although you might not be around very long to enjoy their sweet attention.


Crab catchers and their ilk. We’re not talking crab catching along the lines of being a gigolo and going for every venereal disease—although that, too, could be one of the dealiest jobs—but guys who make living catching fish. Drowning, being trapped in fishing nets, and getting clawed in the eyeball are just some of the dangers that gives this job a fatality rate of 116 per 100,000 workers, according to


Loggers. Being like Paul Bunyan with his giant ox might get you giddy with excitement, but it could instead land you in an early grave. Who would take care of your ox? Logging qualifies as one of the deadliest jobs thanks to heavy equipment, heavier falling trees and crappy weather. Their fatality rate ranks at nearly 92 per 100,000 Bunyan wanna-bes.

rescue helicopter

Pilots. Although you get to fly high in the friendly skies, you also run the high risk of crashing down into the not-so-friendly cold, hard earth. The deadliest pilot jobs are those on rescue helicopters and experimental planes—especially when the experiments fail. Crop dusting pilots also run the risk of death thanks to the billowing blankets of toxic chemicals in which they play. Pilots get a fatality rate of nearly 71 per 100,000. 

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