Sunday, August 23, 2009

A View from our Sundeck. (Mid winter, Auckland, New Zealand)

A gorgeous morning during mid winter, took this shot from our sundeck with Canon Digital SLR 1000D.

Green Plant on my porch, Auckland, New Zealand (July, 2009, David Lim)

I have seen this type of plant in Auckland, but do not know its name. I like the geomatric type of pattern of this plant, though it does not have flower, but the leaves resembles some or of flower pattern.

Devinci Louch Promenade, One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand (David Lim)

Some views of the Devinci Louch Promendae at One Tree Hill. I like to take the family and my dog Skippy there during weekends to relax our minds!

Skippy on the counch with his green ball (Auckland, New Zealand, July 2009, David Lim)

Skippy relaxing on his couch (see the hair scattered all over the couch!) during the early morning hours, mid winter 2009. Canon Digital SLR 1000D used for this shot.