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Samsung Galaxy S4 Network Unlock (Spain) - Dr Mobiles Limited, 0800429429, Goolge, Android

Client came in with her Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday.  She bought a new New Zealand SIM card and placed it in her phone but it does not show any network signal.

We have inspected it and found out that the Galaxy S4 is locked to a network in Spain.  We engineers managed to perform a factory unlock for the client within one and a half hour.

Feel blissful to see the happy smile on the client!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Update business card for Dr Mobiles Limited, October 2015. Professional mobile phone and computer repair

21 October, 2015--Sharing with you and the world our updated business card design for our group of companies, along with the business card design for Doug Robertson, our Corporate Service Manager!!

A few Hidden iPhone 6s Tips And Tricks - Dr Mobiles Limited Repair, Auckland 0800429429

So you got an iPhone 6s, right?  Well, there are a bunch of fresh features for you to play with. Here are some you might have missed.

 Set a Live Photo as your lockscreen.13 Hidden iPhone 6s Tips And Tricks

Two things: a) Live Photos are a great party trick and b) you can set them as your background and show them off to all who dare to touch your phone. It's easy. When you're taking a photo, make sure the yellow "Live" icon appears.

Then open Camera Roll, view the Live Photo, and tap the Share icon. On the bottom row, swipe left until you see Use as wallpaper.

2. Quickly switch to another app.

This one's a little tough to get right — but once you get the hang of it, you're golden. On the left side of the screen, press down firmly to enter "Multi-tasking Mode." You'll see a stack of your most recently used apps. Swipe right to scroll through them.

3. Text a response super quickly.

Open Messages, press down on a text thread then swipe up to see a list of pre-written replies like "OK," "Thanks!," and "Talk later?"

4. Press the keyboard to turn it into a trackpad.

So much easier than the magnifying glass cursor. Press down on the keyboard to move the cursor around.
Bonus: Tap again once to highlight a word, twice to highlight a line, and thrice to select all.

6. Preview a link without opening a new tab.

In Safari, Messages, or Mail, press down on any link to preview it. In Safari, you can also press down then swipe up to copy the URL or add it to your reading list.

7. Preview recently taken photos while taking new ones.

In Camera, press down on the photo thumbnail on the bottom left, and peek and scroll through your Camera Roll. Lift your finger to return to the Camera app.

White Apple iPhone 6S - Impact Damage, insurance claims done. Dr Mobiles Limted, Repair and Unlock

Wednesday, 21-10-2015:  A corporate client submitted her spanking new Apple iPhone 6S for insurance damage assessment and report at 10:30AM today

We sent of detail technical damage report to the insurance company by 11:25PM.  The confirmation to repair came in by 2:00PM from the insurance company.

Inspection is free and the client paid $89 for the professional damage report sent to her insurance company.  We manage to get the repair done in one hour.

Before 3:30PM client came in, paid us the excess on the insurance claim and collected her phone.  Her insurance company will pick up the tab for balance of payment.

Note:  Dr Mobiles Limited is an authorized Repair Vendor No. 1039237 IAG New Zealand Limited for insurance damage report & repair

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13 Freaky Things That Happened on Friday the 13th. Dr Mobiles Limited, iPad Repair 0800429429

This date, of course, is associated with bad luck and superstition, which is why it has its own phobia — "Frigg" was a Norse goddess who originally lent her name to the word that became "Friday," and "triskaidekaphobia" is the fear of the number 13. Statistically speaking, the day is not more dangerous than any other. But even people who don't avoid black cats or fear walking under ladders can have a little fun with Friday the 13th.

Read on for some of the strangest, most tragic and simply notorious events that have occurred on Friday the 13ths throughout history.

1. A daredevil's death leap

Perhaps Friday the 13th wasn't the best day to stage a leap into New York's Genesee River. But then again, concern over the date may never have occurred to Sam Patch, an early daredevil who made his name by jumping off a cliff near Niagara Falls on Oct. 17, 1829. Patch, who was born around 1800, lived before Friday the 13th superstitions were prevalent. (They probably emerged closer to the end of the 1800s, or at least that's when folklorists find the first written records.) 

A child mill worker, Patch would get an adrenaline rush by leaping off of mill dams — a talent he eventually spun into public stunt shows for cash. The Niagara leap made him a national name. Less than a month later, however, Patch arrived in Rochester "half drunk," according to "Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper" (Hill and Wang, 2003) by Paul E. Johnson. Some 10,000 people gathered to watch Patch leap from Genesee Falls on Friday, Nov. 13, 1829.

What happened next is lost to history, but an 1883 article in The New York Times reported that Patch "did not retain the position while descending or strike the water as he did on the former occasion," when he had previously made a similar jump. Whatever occurred, the Friday the 13th leap was Patch's last.

2. The "Black Friday" fires

On Jan. 13, 1939, a bushfire tore through Australia's Victoria province, killing 36 people in one day. This "Black Friday" fire was the deadly icing on top of a terrible fire season for the province. According to Australian Emergency Management, a total of 71 people died that January, and 75 percent of the state was affected by the flames.

Drought exacerbated the already-dry Australian summer that year, and amateur attempts to back-burn dry vegetation all too often spread out of control, contributing to the blazes that spread across the state. All told, about 1,300 buildings, including 700 homes, were destroyed in the January blazes. [Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters in History]

3. Buckingham Palace bombed

During World War II, Nazi Germany began an intensive bombing campaign against the United Kingdom, targeting London in particular. On 16 occasions, Buckingham Palace itself was hit, according to the City of Westminster Archives Centre.

One of the most destructive of these hits occurred on a Friday the 13th. On Sept. 13, 1940, Queen Elizabeth and King George VI were at tea, according to the Archives. Five bombs struck the palace, one of which destroyed the interior of the Royal Chapel. Another ruptured a water main. Three people were injured, one fatally.

Additional bombings would follow, but the palace survived the war with only slight damage.

4. Kansas floods

July 13, 1951, was an extremely inauspicious day for northeastern Kansas. The rains had been coming down hard and heavy since July 9, bringing up to 16 inches (40 centimeters) of precipitation to the Kansas, Neosho, Verdigris and Marais Des Cygnes rivers. On that Friday the 13th, records were broken. In Topeka, the Kansas River rose to 40.8 feet (12.4 meters), which was 14.8 feet (4.5 m) above flood stage and 6 feet (1.8 m) higher than any flood ever measured to that date, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Topeka was swamped, as was Lawrence. In the Manhattan, Kansas, business district, the water stood at 8 feet (2.4 m) deep. It was the single worst day of flood destruction in the Midwest to that date, according to the NWS. Twenty-eight people died, and another 500,000 were displaced until the waters receded. The NWS and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimate the damage amounted to $935 million at the time, which is equivalent to $6.4 billion in today's dollars.

5. A Cold War crisis

On Friday, June 13, 1952, the Cold War turned hot when the Soviet Union shot down a Swedish military transport plane. Eight people were on board the plane, which the Swedish government insisted was merely on a training flight. For its part, the Soviet Union declared it had no involvement in shooting down the lost DC-3.

However, a life raft with shrapnel damage was found during the search for the wreckage, according to the Swedish Air Force Museum. And one of the rescue planes (a Catalina) was shot down by Soviet fighters mere days after the DC-3 disappeared.

Both Sweden's and the Soviet Union's stories eventually fell apart. Almost 40 years after the so-called "Catalina Affair," Swedish officials admitted that the plane was a spy plane. Likewise, in 1991, the Soviet Union admitted to shooting the plane down. In 2003, the wreckage of the lost plane was found on the floor of the Baltic Sea. Four crewmembers were identified, but the other four remain missing. The remains of the plane are on display at the Swedish Air Force Museum. [Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 7 Declassified & Military Secrets]

6. A murder goes ignored

One of New York's most brutal and notorious murders occurred on Friday the 13th. On March 13, 1964, bar manager Kitty Genovese was stabbed and raped by a stranger, Winston Moseley. The attack took more than a half-hour, and an early New York Times article reported that 38 people witnessed the attack and failed to call the police. The tragic case became a staple in psychology classes as a way to illustrate the "bystander effect," or "Kitty Genovese syndrome," which occurs when people fail to act in a situation because they assume someone else will step in.

The story appears to be more complicated, however; subsequent journalistic investigations revealed that this initial article inflated the number of witnesses and the number of attacks, and that it mistakenly claimed that Genovese was already dead by the time ambulances arrived. Several witnesses did see parts of the attack and turned away, but most saw only snippets and did not understand the gravity of the situation, or did intervene, albeit not quick enough to save Genovese's life.

7. A deadly cyclone strikes

The deadliest tropical cyclone in history struck on Friday, Nov. 13, 1970, in Bangladesh. Making landfall that Thursday night, the Bhola cyclone killed at least 300,000 people, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

The storm was equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane, with sustained winds of 115 mph (185 km/h). Even more devastating was the storm surge. Funneled by the shallow geography of the Bay of Bengal, the ocean pushed onto land. According to a 1970 report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the surge pushed water up to 16 feet (5 m) high. With nowhere to evacuate to, people climbed trees to escape the rising waters; many were swept away.

"The highest survival rate was that for adult males aged 15 to 49," researchers reported in a 1972 article in the journal The Lancet, "which is consistent with the impression that those too weak to cling to trees — the old, young, sick and malnourished, and females in general — were selectively lost in the storm."

8. An infamous story of survival begins

On Friday the 13th in October 1972, the Uruguayan Old Christians Club rugby team boarded a turboprop plane to travel to a match in Chile. They never made it. Because of a navigational error, the plane careened into an Andean mountain peak, crashing on a high-altitude snowfield.

But the ordeal was only the beginning for 27 of the original 45 passengers who survived the crash and its immediate aftermath. Without cold-weather gear or much food, they were forced to improvise water-melting devices and eventually eat from the bodies of their lost companions — an ordeal memorialized in the 1974 book and 1993 movie "Alive." An avalanche killed eight more survivors at the end of October, and illness took the lives of others.

Incredibly, rescue did not come until the end of December, after two survivors launched a death-defying effort to hike out of the rugged terrain for help. The last of the 16 survivors were rescued on Dec. 23, 1972, after 72 days in the frigid wilderness.

9. A lesser-known plane crash kills 174

According to a statistical analysis by the Aviation Safety Network (ASN), superstitious passengers need not worry about flying on Friday the 13th. The "unlucky" day is no more prone to plane crashes than any other. In fact, the overall rate of fatal crashes on Friday the 13th is lower than the average of all days.

But Oct. 13, 1972, was not a great day to fly. The same day the turboprop plane carrying the rugby team went down in the Andes, a much larger flight crashed near Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia, according to the ASN. The Ilyushin-62 airplane was carrying 164 passengers and 10 crewmembers from Paris to Moscow, with a stop in Leningrad. As the plane approached the airport, it flew into the ground at an air speed of 385 mph (620 km/h). Everyone on board was killed.

According to the ASN, the cause of the accident was never determined. Mechanical malfunction is one possibility, or the pilot may have lost control due to a lightning strike.

10. Tupac Shakur dies

Friday, Sept. 13, 1996, was a tragic day for hip-hop, when rapper Tupac Shakur died of gunshot injuries in a Las Vegas hospital. Shakur had been injured on Sept. 7 in a still-unsolved drive-by shooting and died from those injuries on Friday the 13th.

Theories on the ultimate motive for the murder quickly proliferated: business disputes, personal feuds, gang violence. Some die-hard conspiracy theorists refuse to believe that Shakur really died, and insist that he is still alive somewhere, in hiding. [Top 10 Conspiracy Theories]

11. A master of suspense turns 100

Alfred Hitchcock was born on Aug. 13, 1899 — a Sunday. That's two days off of perfect horror-movie-myth kismet, but never fear: The famous filmmaker would have turned 100 on Aug. 13, 1999, which was — you guessed it — a Friday.

Hitchcock's work as a director was dark and often spooky, from the murderous "Psycho" to the creepy "Rear Window" and the obsessive "Vertigo." 

12. Freak blizzard hits Buffalo

Residents of Buffalo, New York, have come to expect a lot of snow in the winter months. But 22 inches (56 cm) in the middle of October?

That was the snowfall total recorded at the Buffalo airport on Oct. 13, 2006, during the "Friday the 13th" blizzard. (The towns of Depew and Alden, New York, got 24 inches, or 61 cm). The storm was so unprecedented that NOAA's history of the blizzard can barely contain itself: "Words cannot do justice to the astounding event which opened the 2006-2007 season," reads the agency's website.

The snow that fell on Buffalo and upstate New York starting that Thursday afternoon and continuing into Friday was heavy and wet, and because the trees had not yet lost their leaves, branches snapped like matchsticks under the combined weight. Almost 1 million people lost power for up to a week because of the storm, according to NOAA.

13. A cruise ship capsizes

On Jan. 13, 2012, a peaceful Friday of cruising off the Tuscan coast turned chaotic as the Costa Concordia cruise ship struck a reef off the Isola del Giglio and began to tilt. At first, passengers were evacuated by lifeboat, according to the Associated Press, but as the ship came to rest on its side in the shallow water, survivors had to be airlifted to shore by helicopter. Thirty-two people died in the wreck.

A massive salvage operation took 19 hours to raise the ship from the reef where it came to rest. The captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, was arrested for multiple manslaughter and for abandoning the ship instead of directing the evacuation. Perhaps appropriately, the verdict in the case is expected this week, right around yet another Friday the 13th.

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Pi, Anyone? The Secret to Memorizing Tens of Thousands of Digits. Dr Mobiles Limited, Auckland iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2 Repair

Every year, math enthusiasts celebrate Pi Day on March 14, because the date spells the first three digits (3.14) of pi, or π, the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. This year, the event is even more special because, for the first time in a century, the date will represent the first five digits of pi: 3.14.15.

Pi is an irrational number, meaning it cannot be expressed as a fraction, and its decimal representation never ends and never repeats.

There are many ways to celebrate Pi Day, including consuming large amounts of its delicious homophone, pie. But a handful of people take their admiration further, by reciting tens of thousands of digits of pi from memory. 

In 1981, an Indian man named Rajan Mahadevan accurately recited 31,811 digits of pi from memory. In 1989, Japan's Hideaki Tomoyori recited 40,000 digits. The current Guinness World Record is held by Lu Chao of China, who, in 2005, recited 67,890 digits of pi.

Despite their impressive achievements, most of these people weren't born with extraordinary memories, studies suggest. They have simply learned techniques for associating strings of digits with imaginary places or scenes in their minds.

For many of these memory champions, the ability "to remember huge numbers of random digits, such as pi, is something they train themselves to do over a long period of time," said Eric Legge, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Enter the mind palace

Expert pi memorizers often use a strategy known as the method of loci, also called the "memory palace" or the "mind palace" technique (like the one used by Benedict Cumberbatch's character in the BBC TV Series "Sherlock"). Applied since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the method involves using spatial visualization to remember information, such as digits, faces or lists of words.

"It's one of the more effective, yet complex, memory strategies out there for remembering large sets of information," Legge told Live Science.

Here's how it works: You place yourself in a familiar environment, such as a house, and walk through that environment placing chunks of the information you wish to remember in various places. For example, you might put the number "717" in the corner by the front door, the number "919" in the kitchen sink, and so on, Legge said.

"In order to recall [the digits] in order, all you simply have to do is walk in the same path as you did when you were storing that information," Legge said. "By doing this, people can remember huge sets of information."

Nurture, not nature

Anders Ericsson, a professor of psychology at Florida State University in Tallahassee, has studied Lu and others who have set records for reciting digits of pi, to find out how they achieved these stunning feats of memorization.

Like most other pi reciters, Lu used visualization techniques to help him remember. He assigned images such as a chair, a king or a horse to two-digit combinations of numbers ranging from "00" to "99." Then he made up a story using these images, which was linked to a physical location, Ericsson said.

A few years ago, Ericsson and his colleagues gave Lu, as well as a group of people of the same age and education level, a test that measured their "digit span" — in other words, how well they could remember a sequence of random digits presented at a rate of one digit per second.

Lu's digit span was 8.83, compared with an average of 9.27 for the rest of the group, according to the study, which was published in 2009 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. The results suggest that, unlike some other memory experts who have been studied, Lu's skill in memorizing long lists of digits was not the result of an innate skill in encoding information. Rather, it was the result of years of practice, Ericsson said.

So does this mean anyone can learn to remember tens of thousands of digits of pi?

"There have been a lot of demonstrations showing that regular people, given training, can dramatically improve their performance" in memorizing long lists, Ericsson said. "But I have to be honest," he said. "When you make that commitment to memorize pi …we're talking years before you can actually reach record performances."
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Strange Fact: Surviving 42 Minutes Underwater…How Boy Beat the Odds. iPhone 6S Plus repair, cracked screen fix, Dr Mobiles Limited 0800429429

Surviving 42 Minutes Underwater…How Boy Beat the Odds. iPhone 6S Plus repair, cracked screen fix, Dr Mobiles Limited 0800429429

A teenager in Italy recently beat some incredible odds when he survived for 42 minutes underwater, according to news reports.

The 14-year-old boy, identified only as "Michael" by the Italian newspaper Milan Chronicle, reportedly dove off a bridge into a canal with some friends last month and never resurfaced. His foot became caught on something underwater and it took firefighters and other first responders nearly an hour to free him from the depths. Though Michael remained on life support for an entire month, he recently woke up and seems to be doing fine, Time reported.

While Michael's story is certainly unusual, it's not unheard of for people to survive prolonged stints underwater, according to Dr. Zianka Fallil, a neurologist at North Shore-LIJ's Cushing Neuroscience Institute in New York. Fallil, who called the teenager's recovery "quite remarkable," told Live Science that there are two physiological processes that may come into play when a person is submerged underwater for an extended period of time with no oxygen.

The first of these processes is known as the "diving reflex," or bradycardic response, a physiological response that has been observed most strongly in aquatic mammals, but which is also believed to take place in humans. (This is the same reflex that results in newborn babies holding their breath and opening their eyes when submerged in water). When a person's face is submerged in water, blood vessels constrict and the heart slows down considerably, Fallil explained. Blood is then diverted to parts of the body that need it most.

"The body protects the most efficient organs — the brain, the heart, the kidneys — and pulls the blood away from the extremities and other, not-as-essential, organs," Fallil said.

The diving reflex is often cited as the thing that saves people from nearly drowning. However, it's difficult to study this reflex in humans (likely because of the obvious dangers of recreating near-drowning experiences in a lab), said Fallil, who pointed to another, less controversial explanation for how people survive long stretches underwater — the selective brain cooling hypothesis.

"The selective brain cooling hypothesis [states] that, the quicker the brain cools, the more likely it is to survive," she said.

When you're immersed in cold water for a prolonged period of time, your body may carry out several processes that allow cooled blood to enter the brain, according to Fallil. One of these processes, hypercapnic vasodilation, occurs when the body retains carbon dioxide as a result of not breathing. This extra carbon dioxide causes blood vessels in your brain to dilate (become wider), which in turn allows more cool blood to enter the brain.

While the selective brain cooling hypothesis has also not been widely tested in humans, it's considered a more likely explanation for how the brain might be protected during episodes of prolonged submersion than the diving reflex, Fallil said. And there have also been several other studies conducted to see what factors, besides the body's reflexes, can help you survive underwater.

"There are a few studies that have looked at near-drowning victims to see if age, the duration of submersion or the temperature of the water had anything to do with survival," Fallil said. "And the one thing that they did find a correlation with was time of submersion."

One study, published in the journal Resuscitation in 2002, found that submersion time serves as a predictor of survival for near-drowning victims. The average amount of time spent underwater by the 61 patients in the study was 10 minutes. But, the patients who spent less time underwater (just five minutes) had the least amount of neurological disability after the incident. The victims who didn't survive spent an average of 16 minutes underwater. A similar study, conducted in 2013, found that there was a very low likelihood of a "good outcome" following a submersion lasting longer than 10 minutes.

However, neither of these studies found a strong correlation between the likelihood of survival and the temperature of the water in which a person was submerged, or a person's age. So while several news reports about the Italian teenager's harrowing 42-minute ordeal have concluded that his survival was a result of his youthor the relatively cold temperature of the Milanese canal in April, these are actually just guesses. It's just as likely that he survived because he received excellent medical attention, including the use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO (a form of life support that removes carbon dioxide from the blood and oxygenates red blood cells), Fallil said.

Editor's Note: Medical experts agree that intentionally holding your breath underwater for extended periods of time (whether as part of a training exercise or a competition) is a dangerous activity that increases the risk of drowning.

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Giant Redheaded Centipede Photo Goes Viral, Horrifies the Internet. Fix on site 0800429429, Dr Mobiles Limited

You don't have to be a Kardashian to stand out on the Internet — all you need is at least 20 pairs of bright-yellow legs, a gleaming red head and venomous fangs.

Last week, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) posted a picture of a giant redheaded centipede to its social media pages that met all of the above criteria. The image quickly went viral. While many people reacted with horror (apparently, giant, colorful centipedes are the stuff of nightmares), this critter doesn't eat people or seriously harm them in any way (at least not usually).

However, giant redheaded centipedes (Scolopendra heros) — which can be found in certain regions of the southern United States and northern Mexico — do take people by surprise fairly often, said Ben Hutchins, an invertebrate biologist with the TPWD. [Gallery: Out-of-This-World Images of Insects]

In a 2014 article published in TP&W magazine, Hutchins explained that S. heros typically hangs out under rocks, logs or leaves. But sometimes, these centipedeswander into people's homes, where they can cause panic, thanks to their 8-inch-long (20 centimeters) bodies and dozens of legs (they typically have 21 to 23 pairs). The critters use their many appendages to grasp prey while feeding.

Though S. heros mainly munches on invertebrates like insects and arachnids, the impressively sized centipede is also known to take down larger prey, such as rodents, snakes, lizards, toads and other small vertebrates. In captivity, giant redheaded centipedes seem to prefer eating moths, according to the University of Arkansas Arthropod Museum.

The critter kills its victims using its "fangs," or forcipules, which are located near its mouth and contain venom glands that inject a toxin into its unlucky prey. The giant redheaded centipede is also thought to inject venom into prey with its many legs, which can make tiny incisions in human skin, according to the Arthropod Museum.

When one of these giant creepy-crawlies bites a human, the result is usually pretty painful, according to both the Arthropod Museum and Hutchins. Victims of these centipede bites report localized pain and swelling, but Hutchins said people also have reported skin necrosis (tissue death), dizziness, nausea and headaches, Hutchins wrote in his article.

Hutchins also lists muscle tissue damage, kidney failure and heart attack as rare side effects of the centipede's nibble. A case report published in 2006 in the Emergency Medical Journal cites a bite from a centipede, likely of the genus Scolopendra, as the cause of acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) in an otherwise healthy 20-year-old man. Whether a giant redheaded centipede was responsible for that unfortunate event isn't stated in the report.

Should you happen upon one of these giant centipedes, pay attention to its colorful body parts. Known as aposematic coloration, or warning coloration, the critter's bright colors serve to warn predators that, while S. heros might look tasty, it's really a poisonous treat. Consider yourself warned.

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Animal lover with more than 100 tattoos gets his ears chopped off to look like his parrots

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Ted Richards, from Bristol, is now looking for a surgeon who will shape his nose into a beak.

A man has cut off his ears in a bid to look more like his pet parrot - and is now seeking a surgeon to turn his nose into a beak.
Ted Richards, 56, is obsessed by pets Ellie, Teaka, Timneh, Jake and Bubi, and has his face and eyeballs tattooed to pay tribute to them.
The eccentric animal lover, who has 110 tattoos, 50 piercings and a split tongue, had his lobes removed by a surgeon in a six hour operation.

He has given the severed ears to a friend he said would "appreciate them" by preserving them in resin.  Mr Richards said he was delighted with his new look.He said: "I think it looks really great. I love it. It's the best thing that has happened to me.

"I am so happy it's unreal, I can't stop looking in the mirror.  "I've done it because I want to look like my parrots as much as possible.

"I've had my hair long for so many years my ears have been covered up.   For the full story, please click on this link.

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Weird News: Retired copper finds road rules lost in translation

Retired copper finds road rules lost in translationRoebourne Police pulled over an ex-Italian police officer earlier this afternoon.

A retired Italian policeman drove right into a spot of bother on his holiday down under when his European driving drew the attention of Roebourne officers on Friday afternoon.

The tourist, in his 60's, had been driving on the left side of the road on his trip from Karratha to Hedland but was confused by the traffic islands on the main street of Roebourne where he wound up in the right hand lane.

Local police pulled him over and were soon embroiled in a humorous back and forth over Australian road rules.

Police told him he was driving on the wrong side and he needed to be on the "right (correct) side" only adding to his confusion.

They eventually broke through the cultural barrier and sent him on his way.

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Bungling escaped criminal's bizarre Facebook video rant showing where he is leads to re-arrest

Taulbee was originally at the courthouse on charges of probation violation, escape, robbery and resisting arrest  If you're an escaped prisoner on the run, it might be best to keep a low profile.  But not if you're Justin Taulbee, who escaped from the Breathitt County Courthouse in Kentucky last week while waiting to be arraigned.  Rather than go into hiding, Taulbee instead made a bizarre video rant, in which he introduced himself and claimed he was released on his own recognizance.  The clip was posted on Facebook with Taulbee tagged in. Helpfully, the location of where the video was shot - Red River Gorge - was also included.  In the video, Taulbee says: Justin Taulbee coming at you live, a new release coming soon to theaters near you.

"Now as you know on 10/9, 2015, which was this past Friday, I was released from the Breathitt County judicial center on a R-O-R bond.
"For those of you who does not know what that means, it is "released on your own f****** recognizance."  He becomes increasingly more animated, and says at one point: "You may think the court's held and adjourned, but I think it's held in f****** contempt.  "Throw your hammers away you heavy hitters."

Police saw the clip and went to Taulbee's house a few days later. they found him in bed with his girlfriend and re-arrested him.  Kentucky State Police Trooper Joe Veenemen told WKYT : "He asked if someone had turned him in.

"The trooper advised the reason he was able to locate him was because of the video he had posted on Facebook.  "Once the trooper told him that he didn't believe it."

Taulbee was originally at the courthouse on charges of probation violation, escape, robbery and resisting arrest.  An escape charge has been added to his case.

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11-Year-Old Girl's Stick Figure Helps Nab Burglary Suspect. Dr Mobiles Limited, Auckland, iPhone Repair 0800429429

An 11-year-old girl was honored by law enforcement officials in Connecticut on Thursday for her stick-figure drawing that led police to nab an alleged burglar in her neighborhood.

Rebecca DePietro, of Stratford, sketched the suspect for police, who visited her family's home to investigate a streak of burglaries. They asked if anyone at the DePietro house had seen anyone suspicious.

"I was like, yeah I can draw a picture of him," DePietro told NBC Connecticut. "It wasn't like the best picture, it was just a head and some legs and I thought oh he's probably just going to crumple it up and throw it out."

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Apple iPhone 7 release date, price, specification & new feature rumours. Dr Mobiles Limited

A lot of excitement is being generated recently with news that a new iPhone is set to be released next year together with the Apple watch 2.

With the iPhone 6 and 6s just launched recently, Apple doesn't seem to be slowing down in coming up with new devices to release in the market, at least with the rumors going around saying that Apple will release the iPhone 7 by September 2016 with the release of the Apple watch 2.

These rumors would only be plausible if Apple sticks to its usual schedule of releasing their devices during the fall. PC Advisor suggests a release date of the iPhone 7 on Tuesday, September 9 or Tuesday, September 16 in the UK.

Aside from the rumored release date, there has also been talks about what the iPhone 7 will be bringing in when it finally hits the market. One of the most resounding rumor of all is that it will be water proof.

Geek Snack said that if the rumor is true, it could also mean that the soon to be released iPhone 7 will not be made of metal but plastic.

Speculations about what the iPhone 7 specs could be are rife. Some are saying that the new Apple device will have an A10 system on a chip (SoC), built into a super thin 6mm frame.

Rumors are also saying that the new iPhone 7 will have a 2K display, a speaker in front, and an 8 megapixel camera for selfies. The new Apple device is also said to come with a wireless charging puck and with a fingerprint reader.

Apple has been working on the iPhone 7 for more than a year now, so there is a possibility that these rumors could be true, or not. Like always, rumors such as these should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing could be true unless Apple itself confirms the truth behind these rumors.

iPhone 7 rumours: Design & specifications

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus looked largely similar to the 6 and 6 Plus, which is usually the case with Apple's 'S' models. This may mean, however, we see something completely new for the iPhone 7, although it's very likely that it too will come in Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold. We'll look at some of the rumoured design changes below.
With the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Apple finally budged on some of the specifications it has refused to change for years, such as the 12Mp iSight camera, up from 8Mp in the 6 and 6 Plus. It's likely that Apple will stick with that 12Mp camera for some time to come, although one thing it still refuses to improve is the screen resolution. With rival smartphones now offering Quad- and Ultra-HD screens, we hope that Apple might bump up its pixel count in the iPhone 7 - perhaps to the 400ppi level of the Plus models.

Expect the usual performance upgrades, with the new Apple A10 processor and embedded M10 motion co-processor. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were the first iPhones to finally get 2GB of RAM, and expect this to stay the same in the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 will ship with iOS 10 installed. Expect Apple to unveil iOS 10 (or iOS X?) at WWDC in June 2016.

iPhone 7 with new headphone jack? D Jack

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 with a new style of power connector it angered many fans who would now need to purchase an adaptor to fit their old accessories. We could be about to see Lightning-gate all over again with headphone-gate, as it's rumoured that Apple will shake things up once again with a new style of headphone jack, leaving older accessories incompatible. According to Apple Insider, Apple has patented a new slimmer headphone jack technology called D Jack, which has a diameter of just 2mm.

Apple has been working on the iPhone 7 for more than a year now, so there is a possibility that these rumors could be true, or not. Like always, rumors such as these should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing could be true unless Apple itself confirms the truth behind these rumors.

iPhone 7 with waterproof protection?
It's possible the new iPhone 7 could be waterproof. In March 2015 a new patent revealed that Apple is investigating ways to make future iPhones waterproof without needing to compromise on the design, a change that never made it into the 6s and 6s Plus. Instead of adding armour to the outside of the iPhone to protect it from water, the method would coat electronic components found inside the iPhone in a protective waterproof material that would prevent them from getting damaged should water find its way in. Clever.

iPhone 7 to get an e-SIM?

Another touted feature for the latest iPhone that didn't see daylight and may be reserved for the iPhone 7 is that it will have an e-SIM. Recent reports suggest that it could be the end of days for the traditional SIM card, with a possible introduction of a simpler option. An e-SIM is an electronic SIM card which would replace the physical SIMs used today and instead will opt for a virtual embedded equivalent. Rumours suggest that both Apple and Samsung are in talk with the GSMA (organisation that represents the interest of mobile operators) to use a standardised e-SIM in future handsets.
What are the benefits of having an e-SIM? First things first, it'll make switching carriers easy and should allow for more flexible roaming. The idea is that with a standardised e-SIM, you'll be able to make a call and switch operators without having to insert a specific SIM card. This idea translates to roaming too, as it'll be much easier to switch to a local network if you're looking to spend a long period of time in a particular country. 

You can also wave goodbye to SIM adaptors! If you've ever had to go from a nano-SIM device to a micro-SIM device, you'll know exactly what we mean. 
iPhone 7 with sidewall display: Apple's answer to the Galaxy Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+?
There are some rumours to suggest that the iPhone 7 could have some new design features, though we'd take these rumours with a pinch of salt.
The speculation about a new design stems from an Apple patent that was published in 2015. It describes what Apple calls "sidewall displays," similar to the display found on the Galaxy Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+.
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Monday, October 19, 2015

New Business Card design for iPhone 6S Plus Repair and iPad Pro - Dr Mobiles Limited

19th October, 2015-- It is time again now to order more cards for our Apple iPhone unlocking and Samsung samartphone repair business.
Enclosed is the confirmed business card design.

Details of our branches:

Dr Mobiles Limited (Head Office)(Map):
1, Huron Street, Takapuna
North Shore 0622
Tel: (09) 551-5344
Mob: (021) 264-0000

Dr Mobiles Limited (Auckland CBD)
Downtown Shopping Centre (Map)

Kiosk 16, 9-11 Custom Street

Auckland CBD 1010

Tel: (09) 368-5344
Mob: (021) 02-555-8888


Dr Mobiles Limited (West Auckland) (Map):
3069 Great North Road
New Lynn, Auckland 0600
Tel: (09) 555-5344
Mob: (021) 374-007

Dr Mobiles Limited (Wellington) (Map)
Shop 6, 148 Willis Street
Te Aro, Wellington 6011
Tel: (04) 550-6399
Mob: (021-) 265-2000

Sunday, October 18, 2015

London: Man walking on beach strikes it rich with 1.1 kg chunk of whale vomit. iPhone Repair, Dr Mobiles Limited 0800429429

London: Beachcombers dream of finding treasures as they stroll along sandy beaches, but one dog walker in Wales struck gold as he exercised his pet - and was on Friday $16,700 richer as he found whale vomit. His rare find was a 1.1 kg chunk of whale vomit, known as ambergris, and it sparked a frenzy of interest when it came up for sale Friday at an auction house in northern England, reported Xinhua.

The whale vomit is used in the perfume industry, making it very valuable and a prized treasure. It is used to enhance the scent or prolong the duration with which a fragrance lasts. The auction house placed an estimate of between $7,600 and $10,600 on the lump of yellow and black ambergris, which was just 20 centimeters in length. About 50 people were in the auction house in Macclesfield when the item came up, and as the estimate was exceeded it came down to two bidders eager to get their hands on the sale item. Neither of the bidders were in the room, one was a telephone bidder the other was following the sale on the internet. The auctioneers would not disclose details of the telephone bidder, a private collector, who won the race. The finder of the object also decided to keep his identity private, not even prepared to disclose the location of the beach where he made his remarkable find. The auction house had the item checked and estimated that it had been in the sea for about 50 years. All that is known is the ambergris was found on a beach on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. Ambergris is formed in the digestive system of a sperm whale and is passed either as vomit or as part of the faeces. Scientists believe it is used to coat irritating objects in the whale's intestines. Auctioneer Adam Partridge said he was 'elated' at the sale, adding, "Somebody brought this smelly waxy rugby ball-shaped lump to us and asked us to sell it for them. "There are many things which can be mistaken for ambergris - fat, rubber and palm oil amongst others - but after doing some research and consulting the authorities on such things, we found out that what we had was indeed very valuable. We've had lots of unusual items pass through the doors over the years, but this is by far the weirdest."

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$2 antique store find confirmed as $5 million Billy the Kid tintype. Apple, iPhone, Repair

Billy the Kid, left, plays croquet with members of his gang, The Regulators, in 1878. Photo courtesy of

TIBURON, Calif., Oct. 16 (UPI) -- A numismatics firm confirmed a photo bought for $2 at a California antiques shop features Billy the Kid and could be worth up to $5 million.
The firm, Kagin's, said the tintype, 4 inches by 5 inches, shows Billy the Kid playing croquet in the summer of 1878 alongside members of his gang, The Regulators.
Analysts said the photo, which may have been taken at a wedding, was authenticated earlier this month after more than a year of research.

Billy the Kid, fourth from left, plays croquet with members of his gang, The Regulators, in 1878. Photo courtesy of

A collector purchased the photo from a Fresno, Calif., antiques store for only $2, but it could be worth up to $5 million, the firm said.
"When we first saw the photograph, we were understandably skeptical -- an original Billy the Kid photo is the Holy Grail of Western Americana," Kagin's senior numismatist David McCarthy said.

"We had to be certain that we could answer and verify where, when, how and why this photograph was taken. Simple resemblance is not enough in a case like this -- a team of experts had to be assembled to address each and every detail in the photo to insure that nothing was out of place. After more than a year of methodical study including my own inspection of the site, there is now overwhelming evidence of the image's authenticity."

A 2x3 inch portrait of Billy the Kid -- whose real name may have been Henry McCarty -- sold for $2.3 million in 2010, when it was the only known surviving photograph of the outlaw. The photo was taken at Fort Sumner in 1880 -- one year before he was killed in the same location by Sheriff Pat Garrett.

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