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Power User Tips for Apple iPhone 4S, iOS 5 you might not know! (Unlock, repair, jailbreak, Dr, Mobiles, Limited, davidlim, +6421264000, Auckland, New Zealand)

Private Browsing. We all know what it's for… shopping for presents, right? Handily, Apple has finally seen fit to include the feature in iOS. Simply head to Settings > Safari and swipe on Private Browsing. There, your secret's safe with us.

iOS 5 tips

Email formatting

Give your emails a touch of style with the new text formatting options. Simply double-tap a word or paragraph in the body of your message and select the arrow rightmost of the floating menu. Finally, tap the leftmost option that appears and select from Bold, Italics and Underline.

iOS 5 tips

Twitter integration

Twitter is baked right into iOS 5, and it's awesome. Head to Settings > Twitter and fill in the username and password entries. Now whenever you snap a photo, record a vid, mark a map location or find an interesting web page or YouTube clip, you can tweet it directly via the action button. It's gonna get busy...

iOS 5 tips

11. Good vibrations

Want to know who messages or calls you simply from the vibration your phone makes? Go to Settings > General and in the Accessibility screen turn on Custom Vibrations. Now back in Settings, go to Sounds and tap Vibration > Create New Vibration. Go ahead: tap out a vibration; when you're done, hit Save. Now you can assign it to a contact from within the Phone app.

iOS 5 tips

Default email address

Sick of having to select your most-used email account when sending messages? iOS 5 lets you select a default account, with system-wide effect. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scroll down to Default Account. Nix the problem with a tick.

iOS 5 tips

Send a voice memo

iMessage is Apple's new instant messaging service allowing iOS users to communicate freely using texts, photos, videos and so on. Mix things up and surprise a friend by sending a voice memo instead: launch the Voice Memos app and record your memo in the usual way. Now tap the triple-lined button, select Share > Message and finally, choose your recipient.

iOS 5 tips

Lock screen camera

Remember how annoying it was having to unlock your iPhone before you could take a photo? By the time you got round to it, nine times out of ten the moment was long lost. But no more. When in the lock screen, double-click the Home button and a Camera button appears; tap it. Hey, you're in the Camera app! Don't fret - the rest of your phone's contents is still locked down.

iOS 5 tips

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Some strange lost and found signs that you will not believe is true! (Auckland, New Zealand, David Lim, davidlim, +64212640000)

The biggest cat I've ever seen!Nice cat! I think I'm going to take it home!

Excuse me?

Was the dog off his medication when they took this picture?

That's easy to find! 
Is this Dexter a dog or what?

   This is the evidence that unicorns are not just in fairy tale books!


Apple iPhone 4S Tips and Tricks... The 40 Must Die for Tips! (Auckland, New Zealand, repair, unlock, iOS, David, Lim, davidlim, 095555344)

40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts

Some cool tricks I bumped into while surfing the net today!  Click here for the link or the picture of the left!  Enjoy!


Real and Strange Stories of Bizarre Breast Implants (people, news, report, update, Auckland, David, Lim, davidlim, +64212640000

 The snake that died of silicone poisoning after biting a model's breasts  
The snake that died of silicone poisoning after biting a model's breasts.
Model Orit Fox has unwittingly killed a snake after it bit her surgically-enhanced breasts and died of silicone poisoning. Fox - Israel's answer to Katie Price - was handling the normally tame snake on Spanish TV when she attempted to lick its face. Evidently finding this rather provocative, the snake reacted badly, clamping down on Fox's ample chest. Fox was rushed to hospital where she received a tetanus jab, but she suffered no long-term damage. Unfortunately the snake did not survive. Fox is a major star in Israel and has undergone several operations to enlarge her breasts.


The shooting victim who survived  because her size D implant stopped the bullet 
The shooting victim who survived because her size D implant stopped the bullet.
A Los Angeles shooting victim's breast implant may have saved her life by slowing the bullet before it reached her heart. Lydia Carranza was working at the Simi Valley dental office when her co-worker, the gunman's wife, was shot and killed.

Carranza was just a few feet away. “She's just one lucky woman,” Dr. Ashkan Ghavami said. “I saw the CT scan. The bullet fragments were millimeters from her heart and her vital organs. Had she not had the implant, she might not be alive today”.
An LAPD firearms instructor told the Times it's possible the implant interrupted the velocity of the bullet. “I don't want to say a boob job is the equivalent of a bulletproof vest,” Scott Reitz said. “So don't go getting breast enhancements as a means to deflect a possible incoming bullet.”

 The blond celebrity who became a TV sensation by smashing things with her silicone breasts 
The blond celebrity who became a TV sensation by smashing things with her silicone breasts.
Busty Heart certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘cracking melons'! With each bafflingly big boob weighing in at a whopping nine kilos, the 47-year-old, real name Susan Sykes, could probably knock out Mike Tyson. She appeared on Spanish TV show 'Donde estas Corazon?' to prove that the large fruits were no match for her large breasts.

After demonstrating on live TV the damage that her knockers can do to Coke cans and melons, you'd have to be a brave man to rub her up the wrong way. And as if that wasn't enough, a shocked nation watched in awe as Busty Heart appeared on ‘America's Got Talent'. Even jury star David Hasselhoff, who's seen his fair share of big breasts, was impressed. She'll also have won some admirers in Japan as she displayed the amazing karate skills of her 95 JJs. It's a skill that Busty has been carefully training since the 80s, when she first realized TV viewers across the globe loved watch her busting melons.

(the video may be a little NSFW, so watch it at your own risk) 

The woman who survived a car crash because her breasts implants acted as airbags.
A Bulgarian woman driver escaped relatively unscathed from a head-on pile-up with another vehicle when her 40DD breast implants absorbed most of the impact. Elena Marinova, 24, of Sofia, pranged her motor in the northern city of Ruse. The two cars were crumpled past recognition in the crash but the woman's silicone breasts acted as airbags and saved her life. Sadly there were two casualties in the crash - her enhanced breasts. The force of the impact burst the implants, leaving her somewhat deflated.

A police expert explained: "[The implants] worked just like airbags - protecting the victim's ribs and vital organs from damage." He did, however, add: "They are not as safe as the real thing because they exploded, which airbags are not supposed to do." 



The woman who lied about having cancer and used friends' donation to pay for breast implants 
The woman who lied about having cancer and used friends' donation to pay for breast implants.
Authorities say a Texas woman lied about having breast cancer, watched as friends raised $10,000 as a benefit for her, and then spent it to have her breasts enlarged. At least two dozen people donated to help Trista Joy Lathern get treatment for breast cancer. The Texas woman held fundraisers, sent out fliers and received donations from family, friends, co-workers and strangers. All those who donated were told she had breast cancer and no health insurance. They were told the 24-year-old mother of two needed live-saving surgery. Instead, the money went towards breast enlargement surgery in a sad attempt to save her failing marriage.
Lathern also shaved her head to look like a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Her husband, William Lathern, has now filed for an annulment of the marriage. She has been charged with theft by deception, and also re-arrested on a two-year-old warrant for theft by check. 




Apple iPhone 5 Launch Date Leaked! This is the story behind the scene (Auckland, New Zealand, David, Lim, davidlim, +64212640000)

Although Apple is still mum about the release of its next generation iPhone, the so-called "iPhone 5," it has already become a foregone conclusion, thanks to a lot of leaked information that the popular smartphone will be introduced September 12 and will be made available in stores from the following Friday, September 21

So far, many sources apparently have confirmed that the Cupertino tech giant is indeed going to unveil the upcoming iteration of its flagship smartphone in mid-September -iMore's initial report in favor of the highly rumored release timeframe and last week's report on blacked out vacation dates for Verizon employees are to name a few. Providing even more evidence of a September release for the Apple iPhone 5, TechCrunch reported Sunday, citing an unnamed AT&T sales representative, that just like Verizon, AT&T also has vacation blackout in place for its employees from Sept. 21 to Sept. 30.

"We've received yet another bit of evidence confirming the next iPhone's September 21 launch," said the report. "According to an AT&T sales rep, AT&T staff has been given a vacation blackout from September 21 to September 30, just like Verizon employees. Our source also mentioned that blue carrier employees are undergoing training for an 'iconic release'."


"Sounds like the next-gen iPhone to me," said Jordan Crook of iDownloadBlog noted that since a number of new Apple devices are expected to be unveiled in September, that "iconic release" could be something else, instead of being iPhone-related.


However, AT&T's vacation blackout dates perfectly match with those of Verizon's, and this essentially hints that whatever the device is, it will be launched on both carriers at the same time.


Couple of weeks back, BGR came up with a report, in which it said that AT&T was preparing for the launch of Apple's next iPhone in the third or fourth week of September. That said, banning employees from taking vacation is an indication clear enough that a major phone is about to launch, Cult of Mac reported.

Claimed Assembled iPhone 5 Front Panel With Home Button, Front Camera Leaked

Meanwhile, yet another new set of photos, claimed to be of a completely assembled front panel of the iPhone 5, hit the web Sunday.

Highlighted by (Google translation), the new photos were posted to a Photobucket account, which, according to MacRumors, previously posted photos of measurements showing that the new iPad 3 would be thicker than the iPad 2.

The same Photobucket account also posted the first leaked photo of the next-generation iPhone front panel in white.

The new photos showed that the LCD was attached to the front panel and the home button was installed and secured by a metal bracket. The photos also showed the shielding frame and the front-facing camera installed at the back of additional shielding.

The next Apple iPhone is expected to come with a larger 4-inch screen with in-cell touch technology, uni-body design and a smaller 9-pin dock connector.

iPhone 5 is likely to run on iOS 6, which would be completely scalable to a larger 640 x 1136 display. The device is also highly rumored to be powered by a much-improved processor.

Other much talked-about iPhone 5 features include 4G LTE technology, Near Field Communication (NFC), 1GB RAM, improved Siri, liquidmetal casing, an 8 megapixel (or even higher) rear camera, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video chatting and a much-improved battery life.

2012 Tech News Update: Galaxy Note II coming in October, Titan Gray of Galaxy S III soon? davidlim, Auckland, 0212640000

An unnamed retailer contacted SamMobile and said that there are two surprises that await us in September. The first is the Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II, which by all accounts will be unveiled this Wednesday at the pre-IFA Samsung event.

A screenshot of the retailer's database shows two color versions of the Galaxy Note II - Ceramic White (not "Marble" White like the Galaxy S III) and one more that is listed as 'TBD'. If we look at the launch colors of the Galaxy S III, it should be blue though there are other possibilities.

According to the retailer, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will launch in Week 40 of this year - that's the first week of October.

The second surprise is a new color version of the Samsung Galaxy S III - we already have the Marble White, Pebble Blue, Garnet Red and Black, but it appears that a new color called Titan Gray will be joining the palette.

As usual, this info is to be taken with a pinch of salt until it comes out of the mouth of a Samsung spokesman, but we may have already seen the Gray Galaxy S III in early June. We'll know for sure in week 37 (September 10-16), when the Titan Gray color version is supposed to launch.

2012 Google Android News: HTC Desire X returns with new photos (Auckland, New Zealand, David, Lim, 0212640000)

The HTC Desire X (codenamed 'Proto') was caught out in the wild in Taipei, reports a poster on ePrice. Even better - the leaks comes from an event to promote the phone to retailers, so it came in both colors with plenty of press material.

HTC Desire X press materials

We already know the basics of the Desire X - a 4" Super LCD WVGA screen, dual-core 1GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, Beats audio and a design inspired by Desire V (a dual-SIM phone for Asian markets). The press materials add some more info - the Desire X will run Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0 on top, it will have 4GB of built-in storage plus 25GB from Dropbox along with a microSD slot.

Here's the phone in white and in blue, with a quick size comparison between it and the One X:

HTC Desire X in White and in Blue • Desire X vs. One X size comparison

The camera is a 5MP unit with LED flash, F/2.0 aperture and HTC ImageChip (same technology as in the One X and One S phones). The phone will have Bluetooth 4.0 with high-quality aptX audio streaming.

The HTC Desire X measures 118.5 x 62.3 x 9.3mm and weighs 120g - which is about as big as an iPhone. It will not use a microSIM card, but we couldn’t tell from the press materials if it's a dual-SIM phone like the Desire V or not. This final table marks a feature that the One X lacks, but we can't tell what it is - if you speak the language, we'd appreciate a post in our comments.


Is the Desire X a dual-SIM phone or not?

The HTC Desire X will reportedly cost $360/€290. Unfortunately, there's no launch date info on the press materials.

The grandmother who got trapped in her own bathroom for 3 weeks

 The grandmother who got trapped in her own bathroom for 3 weeks 
A French woman was rescued after getting trapped in her own bathroom for three weeks. The 69-year-old grandmother got stuck after the lock on the door snapped behind her. Despite banging for help for nearly a month, she was forced to survive on tap water before neighbors realized what had happened. They had thought the noises during the night had just been workmen carrying out maintenance. The unnamed grandmother was rescued from her apartment in Essone, near Paris, by police. They said she had been in a terrible state when they forced their way into the bathroom.

The man whose wheelchair got stuck to a truck and got a 4-mile ride! (real story, true, event, news, report)

The man whose wheelchair got stuck to a truck and got a 4-mile ride
A 21-year-old man got the ride of a lifetime when his electric wheelchair became lodged in the grill of a semitrailer and was pushed down a highway for several miles at about 50 mph. Ben Carpenter was unharmed but was taken to a hospital as a precaution. He had been secured to his wheelchair by a seat belt. Carpenter, who has muscular dystrophy, told a television station that he thought he might not make it through the ride.

Carpenter had started to cross at an intersection in Paw Paw, about 140 miles west of Detroit. The light changed to green while his son was in front of a semi, which started moving. The wheelchair's handles became lodged in the grille, the father said, and the wild ride started.

Motorists called police on their cell phones, and a pair of undercover police officers who happened to be nearby saw what was happening. They pulled the truck over and told the disbelieving driver, Donald Carpenter said. The chair was undamaged except for losing most of the rubber on its wheels.

Lesley Falcone, Bridesmaid, Arrested On DUI After Revealing Facebook Post (social networking, David, Lim, Auckland,

Lesley Falcone DuiA Florida bridesmaid got a lesson in walking down the aisle on Friday, but she blew it.

Lesley Falcone's failure to walk a straight line during her field sobriety test is one reason she sat in jail over the weekend, The Smoking Gun reports.

The 27-year-old's Facebook post just hours before her arrest claimed, "First bachelorette meeting, drink snacks and meeting new people!!!"

Falone was allegedly drunk when cops caught her driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit in Holmes Beach.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office report obtained by the site reported that Falcone could barely stand when she took her field sobriety test. She was arrested after she told a deputy, "I’m done and I don’t want to look like a fool."

On the drive to jail, Falcone allegedly admitted to having drinks during and after a bachelorette dinner, and blamed the incident on her bridesmaid status, the Sun Sentinel reports.

"This is what I get for being a bridesmaid," she reportedly said.

Falcone was released from custody after posting a $1,500 bond on a DUI charge.

2012: New Zealand Army funeral haka video clip went viral on the internet. (David Lim, Auckland, New Zealand, 0212640000)

Recently the New Zealand Defence Force released a video showing hundreds of soldiers performing the traditional Maori funeral Haka as a farewell to three fallen soldiers.  They killed while on duties in Afghanistan. New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key announced last week that the country will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan earlier in 2013 than planned.

The video link is located here.

RIP, our brave New Zealand soldiers and we will remember your contribution to our country and keeping the world safe.

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