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Christmas Celebration 2016, Auckland, New Zealand

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2016: Power User Tips for Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Using Evernote 1.71 with your iMessage. Dr Mobiles Limited

Using EverNote with Apple iMessag

Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus or iPad Pro users are lucky to to share note from the Evernote 1.71.  It is a great way to share vital information like product details, company profiles, even your Pokemon Go Index!

To use this feature on your iMessage (iOS 10.X), click here for details.

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How to use iMessage's new features, effects, and stickers, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.X, Dr Mobiles Limited 0800429429

26-9-2016:  Now Apple iPhone users or Apple product users will have more fun and productivities with the new arrival of Apple iOS 10.X.

Please see this link for more details.

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Dr Mobiles Limited is an independent repair centre for smartphones, computers and tablet since 2011.  We are not a dealer for any Apple products and repair only out-of-warranty devices.  The contents of this post is for casual reading on current IT events.

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Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: All you need to know... Repair, Unlock

8-SEPT-16:  This all you need to know about Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from the official site! 
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Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus officially launched! 8th September, 2016. Auckland iPhone Repair, Dr Mobiles Limited

Apple has finally unveiled its long-awaited iPhone 7, and almost all of the rumours and leaks ahead of the launch have turned out to be true.

The new device is indeed waterproof, and the larger model comes with an impressive dual-lens camera capable of of all kinds of photographic wizardry.

Controversially, Apple has removed the headphone socket from the bottom of the device, meaning you may have to rethink your headphone choices.

Apple has also ditched the 16GB and 64GB models, and introduced a new 256GB model - which has the same amount of storage as Apple's top-of-the-range iPad Pro.

Here's everything you need to know about Apple's new iPhone 7:
Release date

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at an event in San Francisco on September 7.

Customers in the UK will be able to pre-order the new phones from Friday, September 9, and the new devices will be available in shops from Friday, September 16.


See the official site for the new Apple iPhone 7's details

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Pokemon Go: How to efficiently use stardust in Pokemon Go, Auckland, New Zealand ? #drmobileslimited, #02102555888, 0212640000, 095515344, #iphonerepair, #aucklandrepair,

After you’ve spent time catching them and maybe getting into a speculative battle or two, the next step in becoming a Pokemon Master is clear in the main Pokemon games: training and improving the abilities and strength of your Pokemon. The same is true in Pokemon Go, but it’s handled a little differently.

Here we guide you through just how Pokemon are powered up, evolved and otherwise improved in Pokemon Go, plus detail exactly how you should be spending the limited resources needed to do so, Stardust and Candy. It’s all a little more hidden than the main games which makes it all inherently a little more complicated, but we’re going to streamline our explanation of it all. Here we go:

Pokemon Go: How levelling up and evolution works

In traditional Pokemon games on the Game Boy and DS, fans are used to gaining specifically numbered amounts of experience (XP) and levelling up an equally obvious numbered level. In Pokemon Go things aren’t quite so simple: The primary measurement of a Pokemon’s strength is its Combat Power (CP).

CP is determined by a number of factors behind-the-scenes including a Pokemon’s hidden level, how much it has been powered up and other hidden factors as detailed on other pages in our guide.

There’s two key ways to make a Pokemon more powerful. One is to evolve it into a more advanced form of its type, which isn’t available for every single Pokemon as all evolutionary lines have an end. The other is to power up the Pokemon, which based on stats behind-the-scenes will boost a Pokemon. Evolution and power-ups will raise a Pokemon’s CP, health, and other hidden stats used in battle.

Evolving Pokemon costs candy, and powering up a Pokemon costs a combination of candy and stardust.

Pokemon Go: Earning and spending Stardust

Stardust is a key component for when players begin to power up Pokemon to take on higher end gyms and the like, and powerful Pokemon will also be key as new features are added to the game – but it’s also a finite resource, and needs to be spent wisely.

Stardust is obtained a few key ways, and the primary and easiest method to obtain it is by catching Pokemon. All-new catches that you’ve never owned before will net you more stardust, but every single Pokemon you catch will offer you a little bit of stardust too.

If you have the access to the Pokeballs to do so it’s thus well worth continuing to catch the likes of Pidgey and Ratatta as they appear, as each you catch will earn a stardust reward and duplicates can either be used to gain some extra candy or evolved to maximise your experience gains.

Another method to obtain stardust comes in another method to obtain new Pokemon – hatching eggs. Every egg you hatch will net you some stardust to go with the Pokemon it delivers, and the further you’ve had to walk to catch the egg the more stardust you’ll get alongside the hatching.

The largest source of stardust actually comes from gyms, though it’s also the most difficult method to consistently manage. If you leave a Pokemon behind at a friendly gym to defend it (more on this over in our gyms guide), stardust will be doled out to you daily for as long as you manage to remain installed at that gym.

This stardust has to be manually picked up by heading to the in-game shop and pressing the shield in the top right of the screen. This bonus isn’t capped, so if you’re assisting in more than one gym the bonus will multiply as necessary.

Stardust is spent in order to power a Pokemon up. Every ‘level’ of power up for a Pokemon will only cost 1 candy, but the amount of stardust needed starts at 200 and rises depending on the strength of the Pokemon. Later power-ups get very costly and stardust is quite limited, so think carefully before you use it!

Pokemon Go: Earning and spending Candy, plus Pokemon Transfers

As detailed earlier, candy is used to evolve and power up Pokemon and is additionally a species-specific resource – a Pidgey candy is different to a Squirtle candy or a Zubat candy, and so it’s fairly difficult to save up the necessary amounts.

Thanks to its species-specific trappings, obtaining candy is all about individual Pokemon. You’ll obtain some candy for its species when you catch a Pokemon, and likewise for hatching – though hatched Pokemon will always offer up more candy than those caught in the wild.

Candy can also be obtained by transferring unwanted Pokemon back to the professor by clicking on them, scrolling down and hitting transfer. This only offers up one candy per Pokemon, but it’s better than a useless Pokemon clogging up your menus. Just be careful not to transfer anything useful or wanted!

Candy is spent on powering up and evolving Pokemon. Compared to stardust powering up is cheap, costing only one candy per power boost. Evolving is more expensive with the cost varying depending on the breed of Pokemon, but expect to pay as much as 15, 25, 50 or even more candy to evolve a Pokemon into its next powerful form.

Given that at its core Pokemon is an RPG and the RPG genre is all about choice, there really isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to these questions. Some players might choose to simply power up their favourite Pokemon or evolve in order to get to an evolved Pokemon they’re particularly fond of – and that’s fine.

With that said, there are optimisations you can make as a player. There’s not a huge amount of scope in powering up a 15 CP Pidgey, for instance – a more powerful Pidgey is likely to crop up in the wild at any moment, leaving that previously powered up Pokemon obsolete and the resources wasted.

Similarly you should be aware of your own trainer level and how it impacts what’s going on around you. Early in the game you’re drowning in stardust and candy from your early catches, but it might not necessarily be worth spending all your candy to evolve.

Take Pidgey, for instance: once you level up a bit Pidgeotto begin showing up in the wild quite frequently for you, and a little further down the line Pidgeot will begin showing up. Is it thus worthwhile spending that candy to evolve? Evaluate your resources carefully.

With power-ups you need to be more careful – as mentioned earlier, you’re drowning in stardust early on due to the sheer number of new catches and the cheap power up costs. That dries up quickly and you’ll want to beware of that fact – try to save your stardust early on until your stand-out Pokemon begin to emerge. These Pokemon – your favourites and the naturally-powerful – are where you’ll want to pool your resources and spend your stardust.

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Pokémon Go XP - Get XP fast, when to use double XP for quick experience gains. Apple iPhone 7, Repair, Unlock, iCloud, Dr Mobiles Limited

Increasing your Trainer level by gaining XP is one of the most important things you can do in Pokémon Go. Later Trainer levels increase your chances of meeting higher CP Pokémon out in the wild - increasing their effectiveness in Gym battles - and will also increase your chances of discovering rare Pokemon.

Not only that, but each new Trainer level will also give you a series of items, which become more lucrative the higher your level, unlocking more powerful Pokéballs and more.

If you want to gain XP quickly, then there's a number of smart ways in doing so - including a way to get a staggering 60,000 XP in 30 minutes.

How to get double XP gains in Pokémon Go

Before you set off on any method of gaining XP in quick succession, one item is essential - the Lucky Egg.

Activating one of these will trigger an XP boost, doubling all gains for the following 30 minute period. If you maximise this time correctly, then the gains can be huge. (Be sure to check whether Pokémon Go's servers are down first though - or it could be wasted!)

A Lucky Egg is a guaranteed drop when you hit Trainer levels 9, 10, 15, 20 and 25. They are also rare discoveries and PokéStops, and can be purchased with PokéCoins in the game's shop - though remember there's a way to get PokéCoins without spending any cash.

Get XP fast in Pokémon Go by collecting every Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie

The fastest and most effective means of gaining XP is by evolving multiple Pokémon one after another while a Lucky Egg multiplier is active.

Weedles are your ticket to fast XP.
While you can evolve any Pokémon within that window to gain 500 XP per evolution - or 1000 XP with the Lucky Egg multiplier - the reason why you go after Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies is the amount of Candy required to evolve them is less than other Pokémon - a scant 12 Candy compared to the usual 25 or 50 of other creatures. It also helps that they're very common finds.

As a comparison, you need 25 Candies to evolve other common creatures such as Rattata, Eevee or Oddish - we've assembled some tips on how to get Candy effectively, if you need them. If you need help farming specific Pokémon or certain types, then use our how to find Pokémon nearby and how to locate Pokémon by Type pages.

To get the most out of this method, capture as many Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies as you can, with each capture giving you Candy and a potential creature to evolve. Remember you can get bonus Candy by transferring them back to the Professor, but make sure you have enough to actually evolve. Thankfully, there's a handy online calculator named PidgeyCalc that will work out exactly how many you need to transfer to maximise your time, and how long it will take.

If you prepare this method correctly, and have the exact right amount of Pokémon and Candy when you use the Lucky Egg, it's possible to evolve up to 60 Pokémon within 30 minutes - earning you a staggering 60,000 XP.

Other ways of gaining XP / experience fast in Pokémon Go

If you don't have enough Pokémon for a mass evolving spree, and you still want to gain some easy (though admittedly not as lucrative) XP, then there are many other activities that can get you what you need.

As a reminder of what activities gain you how much XP, here's a run down to help you plan your activities on when you are about to use a Lucky Egg. Remember all these are at the standard XP rate, so simply double it to find out what you'll receive when that's activated.

Everything we know about Pokémon Sun and Moon
Cute new starters, powerful Legendaries and other new Pokémon.
Everything we know about Pokémon Sun and Moon
Catching Pokémon:

Catch a Pokémon with a Curveball - 10 XP
Catch a Pokémon with a Nice throw - 10 XP
Catch a Pokémon with a Great throw - 50 XP
Catch a Pokémon with an Excellent Throw - 100XP
Capture any Pokémon - 100XP
Catch a new Pokémon - 500XP (+100XP for the above)
Interacting with PokeStops and Gyms:

Interacting with a PokéStop - 50XP
Winning a Gym training session in your gym - Varies based on CP difference
Winning a Gym battle vs one Pokémon - 150XP
Winning a Gym battle vs two Pokemon - 250XP
Winning a Gym battle vs three Pokémon - 350XP
Winning a Gym battle vs four Pokémon - 450XP
Winning a Gym battle vs five Pokémon - 550XP...and so on
Evolving and hatching Pokémon:

Hatching a Pokémon - 200XP
Evolving a Pokémon - 500XP
Evolving a new Pokémon - 500XP (on top of the standard 500XP for evolving)
Hatching a new Pokémon - 500XP (on top the standard 200XP for hatching)
Catching new Pokémon is surprisingly lucrative.
If you want to combine some of the above in a smart way, we highly recommend activating a Lucky Egg in an area filled with PokéStops.

In the right areas of cities such as London, Brighton or Birmingham, you'll find streets filled with them, making it a great opportunity to use a Lucky Egg as you explore, since many come one after another. Otherwise, find an area where you can loop back round and revisit older ones after the five minute expiry to use them again.

You can combine this with catching Pokémon along the way (you can get a little extra from special throws, remember that any new catches are worth more, if you're lucky to find them on your route) then the XP soon adds up, especially if you use an Incense to attract Pokémon to you, or if you find yourself returning to the same PokéStops, then dropping a Lure there could be particularly useful.

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The new iPhone 7 will likely be unveiled on September 7: Here's what to expect... Dr Mobiles Limited

August 29, 2016 update: Apple has made it official: something's happening on September 7 -- and it's most likely the debut of the iPhone 7 (and the Apple Watch 2).

As was rumored for the past few weeks, the company will indeed be hosting an event on the first Wednesday in September; we now know it's scheduled for 10 a.m. PT and going down at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. This puts us on track for a likely retail release on September 16 or 23.

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect from Apple at that September 7 event. As a reminder, these range from official reports from anonymous sources to flat-out rumors and educated guesses:

New 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone models, presumably called the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, respectively.
Very similar physical designs to the existing iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. (A radically redesigned iPhone with no home button is said to be coming in 2017.)
A larger, improved camera on the iPhone 7, plus a dual-camera system exclusive to the larger the iPhone 7 Plus.
No headphone jack on both new phones.
A pressure sensitive home button, using technology similar to that found on the 3D Touch screen.
Storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB.
A faster A10 processor.
Running iOS 10 at launch.
An initial release date (in some countries) of September 16 or September 23.
Other possibilities include: A water-resistant design, improved stereo speakers and more battery capacity.
Of course, Apple could always drop a bombshell that no one saw coming. We'll know soon enough.

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Apple iPhone 7 release date, news and rumors, Dr Mobiles Limited, Auckland, New Zealand #0800429429

Everything you need to know about Apple's new iPhone

Update: The iPhone 7's battery could be bigger and its camera could let in more light. We've also seen more evidence of a blue shade joining the mix and the launch date is almost here, as Apple sent out a Save the Date for September 7. Here's what that means for your next iPhone upgrade.

Want to know the iPhone 7 release date or all the incoming features? You've come to the right place. It could be a big change this year, as the iPhone 6S is slightly underwhelming because it doesn't bring anything amazing aside from fancy new 3D Touch technology.

But Apple always goes bigger on the non-S variants (think about the big jumps the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 brought) so we're hoping for big changes both in and out.

You and read the full article here....

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iPhone 7 release date UK, iPhone 7 new features, iPhone 7 price, iPhone 7 specs, iPhone 7 rumours: Invites go out for iPhone 7 launch event on 7 September | How to watch iPhone 7 launch event on 7 September | iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus specs leaked

5 days to go to the launch event - invitations have been sent out for an iPhone 7 launch event on 7 September - and iPhone 7 rumours are flying, from wireless charging to a screen with built-in Touch ID; it's also believed Apple is going to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack - a move that Steve Wozniak says 'will tick off a lot of people' - and add a 256GB storage option and new colour finishes. Plus: how to watch iPhone 7 launch event.

Read more here....
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Nothing beats home bake pies! Classic Rusty Apple Pie! Auckland

Friday15th July, 2015

Fought the stormy weather and get home without be drench.

My daughter had bake some awsone apple pies.  The type she bake is called Rusty Apple Pie.

This is not your typical Apple Pie like you get from McDonsld's.  The oven baked yummy Rustic Apple pie is folded at the side with the stuffing showed in the middle.

A cloudy winter, High Street, Auckland, New Zealand

July 15th, 2016:  There is no torrent rain as forecasted by the weather station. It was cloudy with occasional sun for most of the day.

It start raining right after 5pm today.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

11th July, 2016: New gate installed -- at last!

After a few weeks' waiting, the new gate is ready.  Now we worry less as Skippy and Rusty can play or roam in the front yard!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ten (10) Things You Should Never Say to the Boss - Dr Mobiles Limited, Career, Advice, tips, tricks, counselling, work, management, culture, corporate


“Think before you speak” is always a good advice in any situation, but in the workplace, you can just change the phrase as, “Think before you say anything in front of your boss.” The boss-employee relationships can be extremely complex. Regardless of the degree of trust you have with your boss, there are so many things you should never say in his/her presence. Before telling your boss what you really think, count to ten and take a look at 10 things that you should not mention.

01. I can not

“I can not” most of the time expresses your lack of confidence. When you have good reasons behind telling no, you can express your thi=ought. But if there is not any, think 10 times before telling these words.

02. It is not my responsibility

Bosses know very well about their workers’ responsibilities. You don’t need to remind him. Sometimes it is said that one thing does not belong to your area of expertise. You were wrong! Today the buzzwords in the workplace are multidisciplinary and flexibility.

03. Do not Know

When it comes to make important decisions, just don’t tell you don’t know. The boss might think, if you don’t know anything, then what are you doing in his company! If you really do not know an answer, at least try to formulate a ‘ hypothesis.

04. Direct NO

Without explanation, you should never say no in front of your boss. The boss also knows that you don’t know or can do everything. But just think before saying the word. If you give explanation why you are telling no, the boss will understand, otherwise it will look like you are not interested.

05. It is not what I heard

If you are not sure about something, but it goes only “hearsay”, better not to give this answer, because you could give a bad impression. You can say that you don’t have enough knowledge.

06. I’m sorry, but …

If you are wrong , the most sensible and responsible thing is to recognize it. Lame excuses and half – truths are not the best ways to approach to your boss. You can say, I will pay more attention, otherwise, if you put”but” in the middle of your sentence, you will end up losing authenticity to your displeasure.

07. It is not really my fault, it’s the fault of

It is always better to take responsibility for you own action. Don’t try to blame others for your mistake. And especially in front of your boss, don’t tell that the fault was made by one of your colleagues.

08. I am leaving the company

Threatening the boss that you want to leave the work can be interpreted as unprofessional behavior. In fact, the boss may think that we really don’t have the suitable profile for the company if only after first obstacles, you say you are leaving!

09. I am bored

One phrase you should never say in front of your boss is ‘I’m bored’ because logically the boss will think you unproductive or you really do not support the work. He can also think that you have no interest or have lost the motivation for the job.

10. I do not get along with this person

You can never make everyone happy and never find everyone suitable for you. Telling the boss you can not work with a particular person because you do not get along with, it can be counterproductive. The boss expects workers to be able to overcome personal conflicts and find ways to work together.

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