Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad Ass Jet and Sexy Babe (Classified Photos)

This Bad Ass Jet is piloted by a cute girl! New Yorker

Some classified photos of a bad ass jet along with a sleek and sexy baby. Jet piloted by Major C. Chen, USAF. Do you know what model is stealh-looking fighter jet? Pics were taken on an aircraft carrier.(Click on pic for larger view)

Random Pics from Auckland, New Zealand

A bee at Three Kings, Auckland


lick on pic to see larger image of this shot. Iused my Sony Ericsson W800i for taking this picture at Three Kings, Auckland.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

40+ Power Tools and Tips for Gmail

Now you are a GMail Power User! http://i.am/davidlim.
Something to share with you guys about using Gmail. This site has over 40 awsome and powerful tips on supercharing your Gmail. Let me know if you have similar info for Google Earth. Cheers!