Sunday, November 11, 2018

11-11-2018: Rusty Lim at home, Auckland, New Zealand @rustylim, #rustylimnz, #frenchpoodle

11th November, 2018:  A great sunny and breezy day in Auckland, New Zealand .  We DPS d some time at the garden at home with #frenchpoodle, Rusty Lim.
Took a few photos of him and a cooler of dlo-mo video of him playing with the colorful tennis ball.

@davidlim,, #iphonerepair, #rustylimbz

4th November, 2018: Trips to Western Spring Park with Jigme Gurung, @mrjigme, Auckland, New Zealand, @davidlim

4-11-2018, Auckland:  Jigme Gurung and I visited Western Soring Parkland.  My family cannot join us due to the kids’ school activity. 
Jigme Gurung is our new friend from Bhutan and works for Qattar Airline.  We were delight to host his visit in Auckland, New Zealand.  He had flown back home after a short holiday here.  Well, we hope to see you soon in #aotearoanz.  See you soon, our friend!!
#jigmeinauckland, #jigmeinbhutan, @mrjigme, #jigmegurung, #westernspringnz

10th November, 2018: Mode and Kack! Rigging up tiny #monsterbsttery for my #AppleiPhobeXS, @davidlim

Saturday, 0-11-2018:  Just completed a quick #modeandhack small project to be used with my Apple #iphonex.  Converted an original #samsungbattery with 3,220 mAh capacity (with built-in microSD charging port and USB 3.0 female port!

This #monsterbattry will my new iPhone XS another two days of usage time!
@davidlim, #iphonexsrepsir, #aucklandtepair

Project was completed at Dr Mobile Limited, 1, Huron Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622. Tel: 09-5515344,