Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-2011 Waikino Train Ride

Nostalgic train rude on New Years Day 2011 from Waikino to Waihi, New Zealand

Friday, December 31, 2010

Nokia N95 impact damaged. 30-12-2010

Client had damaged his N95 badly, it was caught between the car's door and car body. Part if the motherboard was chipped off, the camera button went missing too. It had been fixed now. Replaced used back housing, battery cover, original keypad, top and bottom body plate.

A new client was angry by a dodgy chap in Auckland Central. Hw was nearly cooneed by a place look like a $2 shop as he wanted to replaced the cracked digitizer on his iPhine 4. He was ask to pay $85 cash to "inspect" the damaged iPhone by that "iPhone Repair Expert" knowing that (the crook himself) do not have the original parts and repair skill to do the job.
We gkad take the job and returned the customer the repaired iPHone 4G with original digitizer. He was as happy as a lark. We are happy that we save another potential victim from that sick-looking crook.

31-12-2010: Pimp my Apple iPhone 3GS, Auckland

My just flew in from Japan and show me this cool Japanese touch pad. It spots the same design and form factor as the iPhone 3GS except it is in a larger scale. It runs on swindle 7 with intel chipset. Weights over 1.1kg. Can"t wait to buy thus baby once it is available in the market.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Social Networking New: Facebook fans will like RockMelt browser (tech, news, friends, twitter, report, update, Auckland)

NEW YORK: There's a lot to keep track of online. You probably have a Facebook account and an e-mail address or two. You might use Twitter or another service to share where you are or what you're reading, thinking or doing. You follow the news and do some old-fashioned web browsing.
I do all of the above (and more), so I'm always looking for ways to wrangle my tangle of online accounts. That's what I was hoping for when I tried RockMelt, a new web browser backed by Marc Andreessen, who was behind the Web's first commercial browser, Netscape.
RockMelt aims to bring together social networking, news feeds and web browsing. Does it do the job? Mostly, if you rely on Facebook for social networking.
RockMelt, which is available on an invitation-only basis for now, is built on the same foundation as Google Inc's two-year-old Chrome browser. For general browsing purposes, you can expect Chrome's pros (speed, stability) and cons (some sites don't work, including the one for paying my cable bill).
Once you install RockMelt, you set it up by giving it permission to integrate your Facebook account. You don't need to create a new account the way you do with Flock, a competing "social browser" that's been around for five years.
You can then choose to add Twitter and Gmail accounts. RockMelt stores information in the "cloud," so your settings will automatically follow you to other computers.
On the right of the main browser window is what RockMelt calls the App Edge, where buttons offer access to social-networking sites and other websites.
On the far left side is the Friend Edge, a column of buttons representing Facebook friends. Above the Friend Edge is your Facebook profile picture - click to send a Facebook status update or tweet.
The buttons in the App Edge point out unread updates or Gmail messages for each account at a glance, an approach I like. However, to actually read Gmail or see private messages sent through Facebook and Twitter, you must still go to those sites. Eric Vishria, and co-founder of RockMelt, said future updates will address this.
Flock has an advantage on this front: Facebook and Twitter messages show up there, though they can easily get lost in the barrage of other updates.
For most websites, clicking on the App Edge button calls up a rectangular panel where you can read the latest posts. Similar panels appear for search results and chat sessions, allowing you to chat and browse without disturbing the main browser window.
The panels start out anchored to the side of the browser, but you can click and drag to make them separate browser windows, which lets you keep several open at once.
I like this approach, but the panels have no "X" button to close them. To make them disappear, I had to find a blank spot in the main browser window and click. This slowed me down until I figured out that I could also hit "Escape."
Google search results, meanwhile, were annoying for another reason: If you accidentally click in the main browser window, the search results panel vanishes.
The App Edge reveals a key difference between Flock and RockMelt: Flock integrates social networks and other website updates into one stream, while RockMelt gives each feed its own button. I like choosing which to examine at a given moment, but others may prefer a single stream.
You can drag a link from the main browser window into the Friend Edge to share it; you can also click on a friend's name to launch a panel where you can chat, write on the person's Facebook wall or see and comment on their recent posts.
This is an improvement over Flock, where you can respond to friends' tweets and posts at they come in, but you need to go to the websites or use other tools such as TweetDeck if you want to see existing Facebook comments or start an interaction.
Flock, aware of its competition, released a major upgrade on Dec. 1. I like the way it lets you create custom groups of friends from different social networks. On RockMelt, only Facebook friends are included in the Friend Edge, and you only have two choices for how they're displayed - everyone online at the moment or all the friends you designate as "favourites."
From RockMelt's address bar, you can search the Web and your list of Facebook friends. RockMelt could do better here; in Flock, an address bar search also checks tweets and people you follow on Twitter.
RockMelt performed smoothly overall, though it did crash twice, once when accessing Twitter and once when I tried to share a link. Sometimes I'd click a button and nothing would happen, so I'd impatiently click again, which made the feed disappear as soon as it loaded.
Sometimes the App Edge vanished, leaving me hunting through menus to re-enable it. And the edges themselves take up so much screen real estate that I sometimes had to scroll sideways to see an entire webpage. RockMelt's biggest shortcoming is its inability to sync with networks other than Facebook and Twitter. Vishria said more will be added, but for now, Flock is several steps ahead with links to YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr accounts.
A growing number of social networks are designed to be used on mobile devices, which raises another drawback: RockMelt is strictly a desktop browser, though I'm told the developers are considering a mobile version.
So should you try RockMelt? If you rely on Facebook for social networking, sure. You'll find this a fast, stable browser that's rich with Facebook-friendly features - many more than are available on Flock, though the gap is narrowing with the latest version of the latter.
If you're a social media power user, you'll find yourself relying on other tools that do the many things RockMelt doesn't. While you're waiting for RockMelt to incorporate more sites, try Flock instead - it brings more of the social media universe to your fingertips than any other browser on the market. - AP

Attention Please! Now Google flashes Chrome notebook in 2011 (laptop, news, report, release, preview, Auckland)

The first generation of Google's Chrome notebook, the Cr-48, is a sleek, black, unbranded web-ready device that boots up in just 10 seconds.

It runs on Google's Chrome operating system - which is essentially just a feature-rich version of Google's existing Chrome browser.

The Cr-48 comes with built-in WiFi and 3G for any time, anywhere web browsing, a webcam, a 12in LCD screen and a full-sized keyboard and over-sized touchpad for comfortable web browsing.

"Chrome notebooks are designed to reach the Web instantly," says Google in a blog post.

They are "easy to share among friends and family, and simply by logging in, all of your apps, bookmarks and other browser settings are there. Setting up a new machine takes less than a minute. And even at this early stage, we feel there is no consumer or business operating system that is more secure."

In Google's vision of the future, laptops (and people) will live on the Web. There will be no need for desktop applications because it will be much easier to complete your computing tasks using online web apps.

"Last year, we announced our effort to design an operating system that is built and optimised for the Web. Many people already spend all their time in a web browser, and by building an operating system that is essentially a browser, we can make computers faster, much simpler and fundamentally more secure," says Google.

In 2011 users can expect to be inundated with a new range of design conscious, web-centric computers that compromise storage space and superfluous features for portability and connectivity as more users convert to web-based applications and cloud-based storage.

Apple has already given the trend a nod with its latest MacBook Air laptops.

The Google Cr-48 is currently only available to a select group of beta-testers in Google's Pilot program but both Acer and Samsung will have Google Chrome notebooks available for sale within the first half of 2011. No details about pricing have been announced. - Relaxnews 2010
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The SmartPhone Arena: BlackBerry narrowly beats iPhone (Apple, tech, RIM, news, report, update, Auckland)

TORONTO: Research in Motion Ltd (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry, said its third-quarter earnings jumped 45% as sales keep surging overseas despite tough competition in the smartphone market.
The results beat analyst expectations, and the company provided a forecast for the current quarter that also exceeded Wall Street expectations. Its shares rose in extended trading.
RIM said it shipped 14.2 million BlackBerrys in the quarter, narrowly beating Apple Inc's iPhone sales in its latest quarter, which ended in October.
Most of RIM's growth is now coming from markets outside the United States, Canada and Britain, where the BlackBerry is already the business phone of choice.
In August, RIM launched the BlackBerry Torch, with a touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard for an overall look that's similar to competing devices. It also refreshed the look of the operating system.
RIM has said it will launch its first Tablet computer, the PlayBook, early next year. On the call, Balsillie didn't give a more specific date. He said the initial versions will be WiFi only.
BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis said the results were "definitely solid" but said there's nothing that alleviates his concern that RIM will lose market share to Apple's iPhone and phones running Google Inc's Android software next year.
"Everyone knew there was a strong quarter coming out of the company and they delivered," Gillis said. "The concern over the future is still intact. There's definitely still demand for the phones in the international markets.
"Let's see what happens next quarter when they report and give guidance. It will be that May quarter where you'll see if they pulled through or you're going to see the cracks." - AP

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2011: HTC has a new DESIRE for this year (Google Android, mobile phone, news, update, Auckland)

HTC has added two more smartphones to its Android stable, the Desire HD and Desire Z.
Desire HD is a multimedia centric device with a large 4.3in display that's great for watching videos and surfing the Web.
It also has virtual surround sound to complete the experience.
The phone, which has a sleek exterior crafted from a solid piece of aluminium, has a 8-megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash. The camera can also record 720p high-definition video.
The Desire Z has a 3.7in touchscreen and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard.
The keyboard has dedicated shortcut keys for quick access to common functions. Plus, it has a trackpad for easy navigation.
The phone has 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, and also records 720p HD videos.
Both phones will run on Android 2.2 (Froyo) with the new HTC Sense interface.
They also come with Locations navigation app that works with the built-in GPS and digital compass.
The compass will automatically orientate the map in the direction you are facing which will make it easier to get your bearings.
Also, Locations comes with preloaded maps so users won't incur additional data charges when using the phone to navigate.
You can even answer calls while using Locations as it will continue to guide you while you are on a call.

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Google, Jordan seal US$10 mil deal (internet, web, news, report, update)

AMMAN: Jordan sealed US$10mil agreement with Google Inc that allows the kingdom to use the world's leading Internet search engine for advertising.
Western-educated King Abdullah II is an Internet enthusiast who has been desperately seeking to turn his resource-barren country into a regional high-tech hub.
The ICT (information and communications technology) sector contributed an average of 20% to the gross domestic product in the last two years, making it one of the highest revenue generators in Jordan. Last year, Internet giant Yahoo! took over the Jordan-based, the biggest Arabic content provider.
Under the deal, Google will reinvest US$2.5mil - a quarter of the agreement's amount - back into the Jordanian market, assisting the nascent ICT sector.
The money will be spent on different projects, including for digital media startups and to train students in online advertising, Google said in a statement.
Jordan's ICT Minister Marwan Jumaa said the deal will "go along away" in boosting the sector marketing through "know-how transfer from Google to local organisations - a crucial knowledge to have in this day and age."
Google's vice-president Carlo D'Asaro Biondo said Jordan will have far greater digital exposure.
The Google statement said 10 Jordanian businesses will be able to reach global customers more efficiently, using Google's services.
Among them are the flagship Royal Jordanian airlines, Jordan Tourism Board and other government entities. - AP

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Short URL for the Apple iPhone 4G Repair Blog, Auckland, New Zealand

Just created a short url called for my blog which has a long url name
Abby Technology Limited, Auckland, New Zealand. +6421264000

My long lost little Apple iPhone 3GS Blog, Auckland, New Zealand

During the long holidays for Christmas 2010, I managed to work on my iPhone repair blog located at
Will be putting some widgets and turbo engine to make it fly faster ;-)

Abby Technology Limited: Top Ten Google Android Mobile Phone of the Year (world ranking, 2010, Auckland)

As we are on the edge of the year, Everybody is busy in analyzing their success and failures that they faced in this year 2010. The Year 2010 is considered to be the one of the most memorable years of the entire decade, as we have seen the Recession all over the world which lead to huge loss of employment and just few months the story was reversed. The recession recovered and everything was looking to be right on the track.

In this current article, we are going to deal with Top 10 Androids of the Year 2010. The Androids Android OS, one of the revolutionary Mobile phone Operating System that is considered to be the leading OS with over 25% market share in Smart Phone OS.
Because of this popularity, many web-developers, gaming buff, and other Organizations were busy in developing the Applications for Android Mobiles. Many Kinds of Applications exists for Android Mobiles in both free as well as paid versions like Android apps for Designers, Games, Blogger, Social Networking, Entertainment, Funny, Job, and many more utilities.
Androids have been in the Top race and these Mobiles crossed Symbian, Blackberry and Apple's share pretty soon and are showing their impact pretty clearly. It is estimated that over 160,000 Androids were activated all over the world.
Here are the Top 10 Androids of the Year 2010
  1. HTC EVO 4G
  2. Samsung Galaxy S
  3. Motorola Droid X
  4. Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 Mini Pro
  5. Google Nexus One
  6. Asus-Garmin Nuvifone A50
  7. HTC Desire/HTC Incredible
  8. Motorola Milestone XT720
  9. Samsung Epic 4G
  10. T-Mobile myTouch 4G
#1. HTC EVO 4G
HTC Evo 4G is a smartphone with Android OS and is marketed as Sprint's flagship Android Phone which was launched on June 4 2010 with exciting features like 1 GB ROM (358 MB free),Dual-band CDMA/EVDO Rev. A (800 1900 MHz),2.5 to 2.7 GHz WiMAX 802.16e,Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Video Kick Stand, FM-Radio, GPS navigation.
#2. Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S is a smartphone with Android OS which was announced in march 2010 and its one of the prestegious Mobile project for Samsung and its loaded with exciting features like 512 MB RAM, 2 GB Flash, Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, 3-axis accelerometer, additional 3-axis gyroscope, Swype, 5 Megapixel with Auto Focus, 720p HD Video, Self shot, Action shot, Panorama shot, Stop motion, Smile shot, Add me, Front-facing VGA camera (on select models).
#3. Motorola Droid X
Motorola Droid X is a smartphone with Android OS which made its debut in July 2010 and was loaded with stunning features like 854 X 480 pixel FWVGA (3.73 X 2.10 in; 228 pixel/in), 8.0 megapixel with 4x Digital Zoom and Auto Focus Dual LED Flash, 720p video capture @ 24fps, 512 MB RAM / 8 GB Flash.
#4. Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 Mini Pro
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is a high-end smartphone with Android OS which made its debut in October 2010 with exciting features like 8.1 MP with Auto focus, Face recognition, Geo-tagging, Image and video stabilizer, Smile detection and Touch focus, Touchscreen, Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Proximity, 1 GB NAND Flash in phone, up to 16 GB on microSDHC memory card.
#5. Google Nexus One
Google Nexus One is a Google's flagship Android Mobile which is manufactured by Taiwan's HTC org which was launched on Jan 2010 with stunning features like Android 2.2.1, Flash memory: 512 MB, 5.0 megapixel with video (720 x 480 px at 20 FPS or higher), geotagging, LED flash and auto focus, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.0, Micro-USB.
#6. Asus-Garmin Nuvifone A50
Asus-Garmin Nuvifone A50 is a smartphone with Android OS which made its debut in April 2010 with exciting features like 4GB Flash + 256 MB SDRAM + 256 MB ROM, 3 Mega-Pixel, Auto Focus, Proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, e-compass, accelerometer, WLAN 802.11b+g, USB v2.0 (HS), Bluetooth 2.0.
#7. HTC Desire/HTC Incredible
HTC Desire/HTC Incredible are the smartphones with Android OS which made its debut in Feb and April 2010 with exciting features like 5.0 and 8.0 MP camera with auto focus and dual LED flashes with 720p HD Video Recorder, 512 MB flash, 576 MB RAM.
#8. Motorola Milestone XT720
Motorola Milestone XT720 is a smartphones with Android OS which made its debut in May 2010 with exciting features like 8MP, Digital Zoom with Xenon Flash, Automatic Touch to focus with easy panorama, face detection, multi-shot (6 shots in a row), face filter, red eye reduction, 8GBmicroSD, 512M ROM 256M RAM.
#9. Samsung Epic 4G
#10. T-Mobile myTouch 4G
The T-Mobile myTouch 4G is a smartphone Android which was launched this November with exciting features like WiFi, 3G UMTS and HSPA, EDGE, and GPRS networks, 5.0MP camera with auto-focus and flash, 8 GB microSD flash memory (supports up to 32 GB)

Year 2010: SmartPhone Users to Surpass 7 Million (tech, news, report, update, statistics, Auckland)

The figure of Smartphone users in Korea is projected to exceed 7 million this year, as indicated by industry informants. The complete figure of people utilizing a Smartphone here was approximately 6.8 million on or after previous month, signifying that the sum has skipped 8.5 times matched to the 800,000 noted in 2009.

From the time of the opening of Apple's iPhone in November previous year, approximately 30 latest Smartphone models have been made public this year with further to arrive this month. Korea's Smartphone market is occupied by the shares of Samsung Electronics, Apple and Pantech.
Samsung Electronics, a late arrival to the marketplace, presented its flagship version Galaxy S, power-driven by the Android cellular phone OS, in July in order to take hold of a superior share of the marketplace.
The native electronics giant told it has vended approximately 3 million Smartphones – 2.3 million items of the Galaxy version whereas 700,000 go for Omnia – in previous year.
Apple, conversely, has vended a sum of 1.6 million items – 800,000 million pieces each of the iPhone 3GS as well as the advanced iPhone 4 – turning out to be the second best in the competition.
Small size player Pantech got third place, vending 800,000 items on or after previous month, told its company representatives; eager to vend about 1 million items this year.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Westgate Shopping Centre, West Auckland, New Zealand 13-11-2010

Took these picture with my good old Apple iPhone 3GS.  Uploaded via 2 Degree Mobile 3G mobile broadband.

Columbus Cafe, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand (places, tourism, lifestyle, coffee)

Took these picture during late winter of 2010 at Onehunga Mall area, Auckland, New Zealand.

Rainy day in Auckland, 27-12-2010

The day after Boxing Day in Auckland, New Zealand. Wet and rainy day. 26-12-2010.

HTC Hero: Google Android Smartphone Repair by

27-12-2010: client dropped by xnd submitted this HTC Hero Android phone. It just stopped working when owner was using it this morning. Could be a hardware problem and the chemical marker Indicated that the phone had been wet.
Mobile upload via iPhone 3GS
Cell #: +64212640000

Nokia Phone Repair by Abby Technology

Owner brought in his Nokia 6500 with faulty top keypad. It could be just a flex cable needed to be replaced, 30 mins job. Post sponsored by Abby Technology Limited, (021) 264-0000,