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Monday, May 14, 2018

12th May, 2018: Graduation photo session for Adeli Lim at the Winter Garden, Auckland Domain, NewZealand.

12th May, 2018: Another joyous day out with grandma and the family To celebrate I will youngest daughter’s graduation from the University of Auckland, at Auckland Domain.

My sister-in-law, her family, nephew and Grabdma join us for the joyous occasion.

#adelim, #amerlim, #kevinlim, #zxkevinlim

Aakland University Graduation Parade, Bio-Science Engineering Faculty, Adeli Lim

Friday, 11th May, 2012:  Ameri and I join Adeli’s graduation parade this morning.  We have arrive well before 9 AM.

The graduation parade at it from the Auckland campus to the iconic Aotearoa Square; where wifey, grandma and Kevin

Thursday, May 10, 2018

10th May, 2018:  Foggy Morning and train delayed! Auckland, New Zealand.  @davidlim

10th May, 2018:  

LWe have a rather foggy morning at West Auckland.  The train service was delayed this morning too!

The train service was disrupted yesterday and Kevin #zzkevinlim, #kevinlimnz drove down to Custom Street and gave me a ride home.

#davidlimnz, #davidinauckland, @davidlim

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

9th May, 2018:  Late lunch, Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. #queenstreetrepair, #aucklandrepair

Wednesday, 9th May, 2018:

Another cooling day in the city today and the weather is gorgeous.  Was busy during lunch time and thus delayed my lunch.

Took some pictures from my good old Apple iPhone 7 Plus and uploaded this post.

The bus stop just out side Dr Phone Repair Limited
G-11, Canterbury Arcade
170 Queen Street, Auckland 1010
Tel: (09) 365-1212
Mobile:  (021) 365-733