Saturday, October 16, 2010

Can you imagine the world with Apple Computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod? (tech, news, report, update, Auckland, iPhone Repair)

Greenlane East, Auckland, New Zealand. 13 October 2010 (Scene, places, people, culture, lifestyle)

Some pictures I took with my tine Sony Vaio T90 camera while passing through Greenlane East, heading towards North Shore to meet up with a corporate client.

There was a "monster" spotted along the road before I turn on to the motorway.  It is a cool design and eye-catching promotional theme car.  It was located next to the coin-operated car cash adjacent to Car-fe.

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Short breakt Columbus Cafe at Onehunga Mall, 14th October 2010, Auckalnd, New Zealand

Visited my business client at Onehunga Mall, Auckland on 14 October, 2010.  Stopped by Columbus Cafe for a short break and to enjoy the fine sunshine of the early summer in New Zealand.  Heaps of work is going for improving Onehunga's infrastructure.

I had a large flat white and a Strawberry Lamington (yum!).  While sipping my flat white, I noticed that the new trains station is completed (right about the same as the one at New Lynn).

Before long, there will be the yearly Christmas parade with horse carts and floats. (guest that will take place less than two months from now).