There are other cool features like hard pressing on the edge of the display and swiping left to bring up multitasking. You can also hard press on a live wallpaper to kickstart the animation, or soft press on a ‘Live Photo’ to see the video footage of the seconds leading up to when the picture was taken.
Upgrade to iOS 9.0.1
Apple has released has already released an update to iOS 9: iOS 9.0.1, which fixes some fairly serious bugs. Forbes Amit Chowdhry explains more.
“Since Apple did not have a proper fix in place, the Cupertino giant quickly issued the minor software update. There does not appear to be any software additions in iOS 9.0.1. It just has bug fixes like:
- Fixes an issue where some users could not complete setup assistant after updating
- Fixes an issue where sometimes alarms and timers could fail to play
- Fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted
- Fixes an issue where some users with a custom APN setup via a profile would lose cellular data.”
Become an iPhone 6S and iOS 9 Blackbelt
Don your Halloween Ninja suit and become an iOS 9 master with these tips and tricks.