Saturday, March 10, 2007

Remuera, Newmarket & Hillsborough, 10-March-2007

Went to pickup my wife's car at Remuera, and send it for service at Newmarket, Auckland. Click to see bigger image of the pictures.
Then I drove to Teed Street to have the car service, fan belt changed, and service the engine.

While waiting for the car to be service, I went to have lunch, bought a Sony stereo headset at E-Town Digital (Lance carries the a good range of latest mobile phones and digital camera).

Friday, March 9, 2007

Skippy, the "Police Dog" 9-March-2007

This is our little Jack Russell with 1/8 minature Fox Terrier bloodline. Physically he is small, but a very clever and active dog. This morning, I caught him laying under the sun catching some warm summer sun. He is like a Mat Salleh, like to get some tan during summer. If you look carefully, you can notice skin of his stomach is pink in Color.

We call him Skippy, but praised him as a "Police Dog" (believe me, that thrills him a lot). The problem with him is that; he is a BIG dog in a small body. He strouts like a "Police Dog" and always put up a big front when there are stranger near our property and always try to "fly" and kill the pigeons (zero fatality rate so far). During his free moment, he will "assault" sun's ray on the carpet too! Skippy came and filled up our lives with extra flavour (yes, we cook him customized meals each day, low fat, no salt, etc).

Winstone Park Reserve, Mt Roskill

Today, when driving during on the road during lunch time, I noticed some cool cloud formation in the sky. The weather is good, a bit hot for the Kiwi Summer and a great day to take some shots. I went up to Winstone Park Reserve and took some pictures. For my families and friends, please go to the private blog to view additional shots. You can click on the pictures for larger views.

Queen Street, Auckland 0-MAR-2007

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The Sony Ercicsson W800i's battery is aging and cannot last long for taking digital pictures and listening to my MP3. As usual, I go to Digi Parallel Imports, 326-A Queen Street, Auckland to buy a new, original LiOn battery for the W800i. Joe, the boss is an honest trader and his shop always carries the latest mobile phones and digital cameras.

There are major road work going on there along Queen Street and the street was decked with red Chinese Lantern. The weather was fabulous this morning, so I took some shot with my Nikon Coolpix 7600. See the attached pictures (click for larger view)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Portable Storage from Gmail

If you are a Gmail user, you now have access to 2 Gig of virtual storage. Download it at my site. Install on your computer or notebook and use it. After you install it, you can see an icon on your desktop (double click on My Computer icon). The idea is to upload file, pictures to Gmail drive and you can download these files from anywhere with internet access. (Hint: carry a copy of this installer on your USB thumbdrives, install at cyber cafe's then download/upload your files). This is one of the best tool for a Road Warrior! Cheers!

30 Gigs of Email Storage

Google gives 2 Gig of storage for the gmail accounts, so does Hotmail. Now you can have a free email acccount that generously provide you with 30 (thirty) gig of storage! It is located at I found this by accident. You can get more cool tips and tricks at my site too.