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Friday, March 9, 2007

Skippy, the "Police Dog" 9-March-2007

This is our little Jack Russell with 1/8 minature Fox Terrier bloodline. Physically he is small, but a very clever and active dog. This morning, I caught him laying under the sun catching some warm summer sun. He is like a Mat Salleh, like to get some tan during summer. If you look carefully, you can notice skin of his stomach is pink in Color.

We call him Skippy, but praised him as a "Police Dog" (believe me, that thrills him a lot). The problem with him is that; he is a BIG dog in a small body. He strouts like a "Police Dog" and always put up a big front when there are stranger near our property and always try to "fly" and kill the pigeons (zero fatality rate so far). During his free moment, he will "assault" sun's ray on the carpet too! Skippy came and filled up our lives with extra flavour (yes, we cook him customized meals each day, low fat, no salt, etc).

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