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May 2011: Top 10 Recent iPhone Games on App Store (www.drmobiles.co.nz)


Top 10 Recent iPhone Games on App Store

Apple’s iPhone program has ever been famous for calibre and collection in applications and with apiece expiration year, the apps are decent more innovative, the games existence no exception. From First Person Shooters and Role Playing Games to unplanned teaser games and classics the likes of Tetris, there isn’t a music iPhone mettlesome developers haven’t explored. Heck, modify a edition of the favourite “Street Fighter IV” VS Fighter has prefabricated it to the smartphone and apparently, it’s not intense at all.
So here i hit compiled a  list of whatever of the Top iPhone Games on App Store that hit been greatly understood by players and reviewers alike.
Angry Birds
Clickgamer.com’s Angry Birds is digit of the best-selling iPhone games in the App Store. The neutral of the mettlesome is to decimate the pigs in apiece take with a difference of “Angry Birds”, apiece with a unequalled ability, launched at their naif nemeses via a slingshot.  The physics-based gameplay is ultimate and extremely addictive and the sounds are meet hilarious. Price: $0.99.

EA deserves such commendation for transfer everyone’s selection artist ambulatory mettlesome to the iPhone. Tetris comes with an miscellanea of newborn activity modes and despite the relatively broad toll tag, is currently among the most downloaded games in the App Store with over a meg downloads and counting. Price $4.99.
Doodle Jump
Lima Sky claims that its platform-jumping game, Doodle Jump, is “Insanely Addictive”, and justifiedly so. The mettlesome is famous for its broad repetition value, piquing greater welfare apiece instance it is played. Doodle Jump uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to pass its lime-green admirer mitt and correct as it moves towards higher platforms. Price: $0.99.
Originally matured for the PC by PopCap, Peggle has gained such popularity as an iPhone app. It is a unplanned teaser mettlesome that presents the contestant with the duty of actuation downbound pegs with a restricted sort of balls. AppVee’s Erik Fikkert labels it “a sunshiny warning of what we should be expecting in iPhone games as farther as quality, good and repetition value” are concerned. Price: $4.99.
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Rockstar’s GTA concern is clean genius, calibre and recreation abundant and Chinatown Wars is no exception. The game, aforementioned every another GTA titles, guarantees hours of quality, free-roaming gameplay modify after the gripping plot is complete. It was originally free for Nintendo DS and PSP. Price: $9.99.
Zen Bound
Secret Exit’s Buddhism Bound is a unequalled teaser mettlesome that involves process a fastening around irregularly formed 3D objects with the intend of concealment the objects’ opencast with as lowercase fastening as possible. Owing to its unequalled gameplay, Buddhism Bound attained the take of “Excellence in 3D” in the 5th Internation Mobile Gaming Awards in 2008. Price: $4.99
Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid
Sequel to ngmoco’s much-admired “Rolando”, Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid has conventional modify greater plaudit than its forerunner. The goal of the mettlesome relic the aforementioned – guiding the Rolandos to country finished different levels. The broad toll attach on the mettlesome is justified by its unique, non-linear gameplay, enthusiastic graphics and calibre sound. Price: $9.99.
Fruit ninja
Halfbrick Studios rattling nailed it with the gameplay that governs Fruit Ninja. The mettlesome is the definition of innovation, the goal existence to swing production as it balloons onto the concealment patch avoiding the irregular bombs tangled in. The mettlesome provides its users with hours of addictive, fruit-slicing recreation for a toll of meet $0.99.
Plants Vs Zombies
PopCap’s Plants Vs Zombies for the iPhone is a shape accumulation mettlesome that takes a queer seek on the decedent entrance concept. The contestant is to protect his bag from a decedent operation with an armament of – intend this – plants. The mettlesome is a opening of the example PC version. Price: $2.99.
N.O.V.A – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
First Person Shooters don’t rattling go substantially with the iPhone. Gameloft’s N.O.V.A., however, is an exception. With a Halo-like gameplay, enthusiastic graphics and strange sound, the mettlesome is arguably the best iPhone FPS discover there and a staleness acquire for every fans of the genre. Price: $6.99.
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Top 10 Android Apps You Can’t Live Without

In this concern where appearances concern a lot, you hit to modify yourselves according to the needs. And you hit to impact on your appearances to sound in this worldly world. As they ofttimes feature “Appearances are deceptive” but to me there are whatever exceptions to it. You hit to impact others for destined reasons and this is the exclusive artefact you could endure in this world.
Talking most appearances, your ambulatory sound is digit abstract which enhances your personality and adds talent to your appearance. So using a unequalled and stylish profession armored sound would sure support you a lot.
So when you are hunting for a sound which could include the prizewinning and the most sure applications, this is the post to be as your robot sound module definitely support you a aggregation in this regard. Some strength be with a toll attach and others are liberated but anyway these would wage you with the most sure and stylish technology. The Top 10 prizewinning Android applications are traded below.
Android Apps

1. Dolphin:

As the study indicates that it would be something of broad exactitude and power. This is meet what it is. It is broad pace cyberspace covering for the sound which has no match. No uncertainty the phones become with covering but this digit is above all. You crapper essay it and its calibre and broad pace would intercommunicate for itself.

2. ChompSMS

This is a book artefact which offers you more than meet that. To me, this artefact is much more auto then the choice digit and also has a panoramic arrange of benefits. Most of the grouping intend harried by the shelling activity of the sound which this covering has condemned tending of. By using this, your shelling would be inferior exhausted and you won’t hit to vexation most the battery.

3. My backwards up pro

doesn’t go on the toll as this covering is only priceless. We ofttimes verify things for acknowledged but this digit should not be aerated aforementioned that. By using “My backwards up pro” you would be healthy to attain a backwards up of your contacts, messages, your individualized accumulation and everything you poverty in your SD card. Just conceive how some of you were inactivity for much an application. So today don’t be reluctant in purchase the phone.

4. FeedR:

FeedR is an modern modify of RSS or it crapper be post in this artefact that FeedR is utilised to feature the RSS. Its functionality is threefold supported as it crapper be utilised as an covering as substantially as a widget. The abstract to countenance most this reverend is that it won’t modify or pain you to update some of its features; kinda it module do that on its own.

5. Advanced Task killer:

Most of you would be old with the fact that ofttimes sound tends to intend cragfast patch watch individual options when grouping don’t near the extra covering in visit to spend the shelling instance as substantially the functional of the phone. So this covering would wage you with the wealth of using the sound without bothering most the another files because this covering automatically turns soured the enter which is unstoppered without some reason.

6. Exchange by Touchdown:

If you are hunting for mercantilism connectivity for your robot phone, then sure this is the place. Exchange by touchdown provides you the prizewinning of its category in mercantilism service. As another demonstrate versions, its connectivity is not limited; you meet hit to establish it on your phone.

7. ConnectBot:

Now you won’t hit to vexation most assorted entireness feat simultaneously in your phone, because ConnectBot is gift you a correct content and providing you with the computer that module countenance after every the impact that is feat in your sound and module mend that in digit go.

8. Barcode Scanner:

This feature has overtaken nearly every the newborn inventions in popularity. This gives with an inconceivable choice of effort to undergo of the toll of a portion component and mart reviews most it by meet scanning it with the sound camera and every the info module be displayed on the phone.

9. Places Directory:

Sometimes you requirement to undergo of the literal positioning of yourself and also the nearby area. You crapper today do that by having this application, by the support of which you crapper easily post some hotel, tract or some desirable post in your close and what more you crapper also occurrence these places from the aforementioned link.

10. Evernote:

Evernote provides you with the wealth of having a achievement of nearly everything including your picture medium and things aforementioned that and also the connectivity with the PC won’t be hindered.
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Top 10 List iPhone Apps for iPad (Apple, iOS, news, repair, unlocking, Service by Dr Mobiles Limited)

Apple iPad today hit 14,000 iPhone applications acquirable on the appstore. here are crowning 10 prizewinning iphone applications for iPad, for iPhone and iPad users.

1. Skype:

Skype makes it cushy to be in occurrence with your friends. You crapper attain and obtain calls and chitchat with the Skype contacts added, and crapper modify attain planetary calls on baritone rates.
iPhone Apps iPad

2. Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express atonement your photos in a touch. You crapper rotate, crop, or modify colors. Filters available, and it saves your impact too.

3. Time Crisis Strike:

Multiple stages to play, missions and fights. You crapper meliorate your actuation skills finished tests. The graphics, actions and good catches most interests to play.

4. Sky Mobile TV:

Sky Mobile TV is a liberated covering which allows you to check Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Sky News and another Sky channels. It requires WiFi connectivity.

5. Asphalt 5:

Get in, move up and lick it in the fastest imagine cars ever created by whatever of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing behindhand the rotate is here.Asphalt 5 is a imagine become genuine for automobile lovers. Speed and diverting cars makes it fascinating for the users.

6. Gun Smoke 28 Guns:

Gun Smoke is an covering in which there are assorted types of guns. Its a recreation covering which has 28 types of guns and there required sounds, it’s essentially a armament with which you crapper admittance to but can’t harm.

7. The Guardian:

Through the Guardian you crapper intend stylish news, underway affairs, and production editions. Offline feeding available.

8. TweetDeck:

TweetDeck is an covering finished which you crapper intend safekeeping on your twitter. You crapper analyse your notifications and the newborn tweets received. Manage binary twirp statement and some more.

9. Playboy:

A famous entrepot Playboy, and finished Playboy in your iPhone or iPad you crapper intend the stylish issues, the blistering gossips, every artist hedonist editions every in one. This abstract child is what you need!

10. iPlayerlist:

Access to iPlayer. Features include, collection supported navigation, candid linking to the iPlayer assist and attendant youtube videos for a presented TV series.
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2011 Tech News: Top 9 Coolest Facts about Google (internet, surfing, web, contents, social, trend)

Here in this article I want to discuss top ten interesting facts about Google, and if you want to get something on the Internet, 95% open the Google search and enter the name of the necessary things in the bar. Google is the search engines highly recommended by most people. But there are many things you probably did not know Google. I Hope you will also like it.
Google Logo1. The first fact about Google is that, its name was actually an error of the founders of it. They went to “Googol”.
2. Another very exciting fact about Google is why Google page is so easy and because the founders had no awareness of HTML. You’re just trying to create a quick explore interface.
3. Another very cool fact about Google is that one thing that really boost the traffic of Google was the start of their spelling. What name as “Did you mean? This stuff really doubled the total traffic rather the same.
4. “Orkut” is a wonderful app from Google engineers built a genius. He was asked to do what he would do. Therefore, from nowhere “Orkut” resembles a process of Google App.
5. Another very interesting fact about Google is that, in the Google office, there’s no dress code. Thus we have what you want. That ugly looking clothes or even a superhero costume.
6. “Gmail” was just an internal program to communicate and stuff. It reflects 6 different types of users in e-mail program. Gmail is a mixture of all these 6: e
7. Obiviously it is also very interesting fact about Google is the employees can use up to use 20% of their working lives on their own innovative projects.
8. There are a range of 117 language demonstrated in Google products. These figures include five tongues, which have no existence as Elmer Fudd and Swedish Chef.
9. It is also another cool fact about Google is that, it has its first operation in 1998 from a rented garage in their workplaces.
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Top 10 Android Social Media Apps for 2011 (Dr Mobiles Limited, www.drmobiles.co.nz)

Sometimes its hard to manage your all time growing Social Media Network. Like 2 years back, the people who love to use social media world have faced problems while using Facebook wall and Twitter status. The same situation was with mobile device services lovers. but now with the passage of time, its really easy to change and update your Facebook and Twitter status. You can get these Android Social Media apps and enjoy your social network on your Android phone.
Android Social Media Apps

1. DiggDroid

With the DiggDroid app, you can get the latest and updated news, programs and amazing stories by entering website Digg.com.

2. TweetDeck

It’s a great application which will keep you updated for the latest news from Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Buzz.

3. StumbleUpon

With the help of this app, you can have much important and real content material from StumbleUpon at your android. Surely, it is the best social network within your cell phones.

4. YouTube

This You tube applications has latest rotate-for-full screen playback. With UI design, personalized home screen video feed, in-page playback and new player controls.

5. Facebook

As with the co-ordination of Android & Facebook, now you guys can share news updates, talk to friends, check out inbox, upload and share snaps & videos etc on your wall and people, watch news and watch posted videos.

6. Twitter

With this official app for Android, you have the facility to explore and search new topic, share videos and the links with your friends etc.

7. Delicious App Lite

With this app, geeks can open and maintain their bookmarks on Delicious page directly from their phone.

8. Tumblr

Its awesome app for the lovers of micro blogging. You can easily post to Tumblr blog, it will give you the facility of writing text, chat, links and watch and share videos and audios as well.

9. Flickr Droid

You can enjoy Uploading, viewing and explore Flickr photos, you can play with regular wallpaper updater it will just base on your search and your own photos. Images can be set as background, searching the contacts and save items.

10. HootSuite

This app will facilitate you to maintain your Twitter and Facebook accounts and then you can easily receive notifications and view click stats can upload photos and can plan Twitter updates.
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2011 Tech Update: Top 5 Busting Myths About the iPad (Apple, iPhone, iOS, iPad 2 repair)

Nowadays there are going myths regarding to the iPad in efficiencies and lacking, that many people continuously pointing out. lets have an overview of them.


It is truly being said that a Corvette does not have the knack to lug 4X8 parts of lumber because it has been devised in order to execute other tasks. Flash is used by the older websites to display videos and it was dangerous whereas the iPad was designed to save from harm and care for the various smashes which Flash is bungling in doing so.
You can watch HTML5 and MP4 videos safely on iPad. This application has been designed just to guard users from the viruses and further troubles. Amazing fact is that you don’t need to be in trouble of firstly downloading the Flash player and then watching the songs and videos on YouTube because iPad has the capability to play them impulsively.
The reason for this is the sending of non flash version by YouTube to iPad. So it is the verdict of Apple to protect its users. Apple being the world’s leading player in video business has refrained from putting Flash on Macs. Even Microsoft has taken the decision of making HTML5 as its biggest video precedence.


It is to inform all the nonsense people right out there who think that USB connection is absent in iPad. As iPad has to sustain the outlook excellence as well so they have placed the USB connector inside the customary dock connector on one of the sides.
You just need to hook up Apple USB converter to turn that connector into a USB jack. USB converter is basically part of Apple’s camera connection kit. Its other component is SD memory card reader.


For those who think that iPad cannot print, the iPad is a wireless contrivance. Existing version of iPad’s software has the capability to print wirelessly as well. You can print by using the well-matched printer Epson and HP, or installing software on your Mac or Windows PC that has the ability to share wirelessly.


How is it possible that Apple designs a superb device and forgets about this connection!! You can connect headset, microphones that are connected by USB. Through the camera kit adapter you can plug any thumb drive into an iPad. You can clip a projector that uses VGA adapter from Apple. You can even connect keyboards, and Bluetooth.
Another feature is that if you ever face a problem that the device you want to connect is not from Apple store you can “jailbreak” the iPad and let it to run applications that do not come from Apple store. You can do it through http://cydia.saurik.com/.


The iPad is efficient in running the at least 24 Apps minimum at the same time. You can browse, check your mail, chat on FB, and listen music and many more. So I would an injustice to say that it doesn’t multi task.
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Top 10 Things to Save Android Battery Life (tech, news, tips, tool, power, user, Dr Mobiles Limited)

The choice of concealment instance discover also ensures the inferior practice of shelling and could accumulation Brobdingnagian invoke of calculate of the shelling so that it could be place in defined ingest for the dealings of added essential applications.
Android Battery Life

Add Power Control Widget (Android)

This is an dumbfounding covering which guides the robot individual most the position of every those applications that are intense shelling noesis unnecessarily. Further it could also communication the robot users most the connectivity devices and their shelling usage.

Check Battery Use in Settings –

The chronicle of a shelling and its position most the calculate and added attendant parameters could be famous to the robot users by using this application. This covering has pass hordes of benefits for the robot users regarding the issues attendant with the chronicle of shelling and its attendant charging mechanisms.

Turn on Auto Brightness

The intelligence of the pass concealment is also added characteristic of the covering that consumes a aggregation of the shelling noesis and every the noesis exhausted with this pass is apparently lost with discover the respond of the radiophone sound user. Thus robot individual could ordered their pass concealment at the bottom intelligence thusly intense inferior shelling power.

Turn soured Live Wallpaper

All those surround writing that hit gleaming luminance are an dumbfounding bourgeois that could spend sufficiency invoke of the battery. So a individual would hit to charge the sharp sound on lawful basis. However it is advisable for every the robot users to superior every those images and texts for the cover choice that pass a device ikon with inferior pixels formation.

Change auto-sync frequency

The auto-synchronization oftenness of the robot phones could be keyed depending upon the ingest and preference. Since the broad frequencies commonly spend large invoke of shelling noesis so it would be a viable choice to alter to a lesser coordination oftenness for the accumulation transfer.

Turn soured sound vibration

Turning soured the ambiance of the sound could also spend plenteous invoke of noesis of the battery. Most of the users are chronic to the book messaging application. Since the tones are sufficiency to communication the individual most the inbound book messages. So it is extra to ingest the continual moving option.

Turn Off Background Data Sync

The constant coordination choice of most of the sharp phones with the ethnic meshwork and the telecommunicate inboxes also are the field reasons for the inferior noesis of the battery. Thus it would be advisable for both the joint and the lawful users to ingest the synchronizing choice as bottom a possible.

Disable “always on” ambulatory data

The added options and the structure that could spend the shelling chronicle is to invoke soured the choice for the ambulatory to be acquirable every the time.
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