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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Tech News: Top 9 Coolest Facts about Google (internet, surfing, web, contents, social, trend)

Here in this article I want to discuss top ten interesting facts about Google, and if you want to get something on the Internet, 95% open the Google search and enter the name of the necessary things in the bar. Google is the search engines highly recommended by most people. But there are many things you probably did not know Google. I Hope you will also like it.
Google Logo1. The first fact about Google is that, its name was actually an error of the founders of it. They went to “Googol”.
2. Another very exciting fact about Google is why Google page is so easy and because the founders had no awareness of HTML. You’re just trying to create a quick explore interface.
3. Another very cool fact about Google is that one thing that really boost the traffic of Google was the start of their spelling. What name as “Did you mean? This stuff really doubled the total traffic rather the same.
4. “Orkut” is a wonderful app from Google engineers built a genius. He was asked to do what he would do. Therefore, from nowhere “Orkut” resembles a process of Google App.
5. Another very interesting fact about Google is that, in the Google office, there’s no dress code. Thus we have what you want. That ugly looking clothes or even a superhero costume.
6. “Gmail” was just an internal program to communicate and stuff. It reflects 6 different types of users in e-mail program. Gmail is a mixture of all these 6: e
7. Obiviously it is also very interesting fact about Google is the employees can use up to use 20% of their working lives on their own innovative projects.
8. There are a range of 117 language demonstrated in Google products. These figures include five tongues, which have no existence as Elmer Fudd and Swedish Chef.
9. It is also another cool fact about Google is that, it has its first operation in 1998 from a rented garage in their workplaces.
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