Saturday, January 8, 2011

8-1-2011 Apple iPhine 3 GS 16GB Digitizer Replacement Repair

Client drive from Waiheke Island to Mt Roskill and submitted his iPhone 3GS for repair. According to the client, he said that he was nearly conned by smooth talking crook in Auckland Central who claims ti be the "Expert iPhone" repair (yeah, right; pigs can fly too). This crook asked over the phone for $80 inspection fee plus $249 to replace to damaged digitizer. That is a total of $329! What an idiot, why don't he just go and rob a bank?
It is noted this crook is very shallow person and has no substance at all besides he fake answers and bullshit experience on repair (or stealing parts?) This loser tend to produce heaps of light fake laughers and dry or irrelevant stories about his business empire (one monkey show on a run down shack?)
Most idiots in life always assume others are stupid and blind or have no brains at all. They spilled so much rubbish out of their foul mouths without stopping to think.

Mobile Phone Repair, Auckland. 8-1-2011

weekend lunch meeting with main dude of the leading insurance company at KFC, Auckland, New Zealand. We discussed about insurance claimed for mobile phone repair, Goigle Android network unlocking and the recents victims who had their iPhone 4G damaged by a deranged person in Auckland Central. According to the victims, that semi-pro's operating premises looks like a $2 Shop with heaps if junk displayed (trying to impress unknowing victims?)
Time is running out for this con and the victims wish that he will rot in jail. What a sad story, a loser trying to hurt, cheat people who trusted him and cheating innocent Kiwi iPhine 4 users.
They say when this matter is in court, many will be surprise how many phone retailers will be shocked to be associated with this crook. His do call "success rate" if iphone repair us below 5%. He kill or swap motherboards or expensive parts on the 95% of it! Go figure out!

- - - -
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Sat, 8th January 2011 -- What a beautiful day in Mt Roskill, Auckland and windy too. Skippy, our pet is getting ready to go the park to soak in the sun. There will be a meeting of iPhone user group in Auckland Domain this afternoon. A handful of angry victims us comparing notes and planning the next move ti file a group report to the media and authorities soon. These iPhone 4G users had been screwed when they fell victim to a crook in Auckland Central to have their iPhone repaired. Most if their motherboard had been swapped or their iPhone 4G killed. They say that crook looks like an AIDS carrier, has skin over the bones only with evil beady little eyes. Hope the picture will be shown in NZ Herald.
If you read this, please search on the net, on Facebook, forums to join the victim support groups. Any ideas, thoughts, legal advice will really help to nail this sickening crook and put him in jail soon.
We cannot imagine how low can a person get to rip off innocent customers in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Mobile (021) 117-2222

Friday, January 7, 2011

7-Jan-2011. A returning client from Germany. He had saved his from bring conned by the Chinaman in Auckland Central. Client called that loser up; as usual he demanded $85 to insect the iPhone. This rip-off monkey cannot even replace and LCD properly and do not know how to unlock anything above 3.1.3 and still want to keep on cheating customers.

Last night, the pariah loser jumped out from bush like a mad dig and forced himself to people's private property. He had been killing people's iPhone 4G on Auckland since November, 2010. We wonder if he has mental problem as he was so desperate. He us a failure in life and the worst rip-off con in phone repair. He had betrayed our trust, stolen item shipped to his address. Now want his victims to help put? If want want more info, please text (021) 117-2222 and we will share with you more. We winder what kind of father he has, must be a career criminal to train a such a loser in life.

7-JAN-2011: Russian spy in New Zealand? See

Friday 7th January, 2011. Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Friday, 7th January 2011. Having a coffee break at Mt Eden, Suckland. A very hot summer's day in New Zealand.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remote Unlock: Samsung T479 Gravity 3, January 5th, 2010

Just did our first remote unlocking forn a Samsung T479 (Gravity 3).  Owner brought this smartphone/pda from the United States.
It was locked to T-Mobile network.  The owner said that T-Mobile claimed that this Samsung T479 Gravity 3 is already unlock and could be used in New Zealand. However, this is not the truth.  When inserted a Vodafone GSM SIM card, the phone display a message "INVALID SIM" and requested for an unlock code.

Client just supplied us this details to the unlock the Samsung T479 Gravity 3:
(1) Make: Samsung
(2) Model: T479
(3) IMEI Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15 digit)

She paid the unlock fee via PayPal, we then email her the unlock code.  Took her less than a few minutes to get the phone fully unlocked and start using the New Zealand SIM card on Vodafone NZ network.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4-JAN-2011. Greenlane McDonald's, Auckland, New Zealsnd

First visit to a McDonald's restaurant for a frozen Fanta Raspberry after spending some tome with family at One Tree Hill. The weather us permitting, so the wife and my daughters took Skippy out to play in the park.

The Five Secrets About Einstein you might not know about! (history, 5, famous, Albert, surprise, Auckland)

(1)  Einstein the second prime Minister of Israel

On 09 November ,1952,after the death of first president of Israel Chaim Weizman,Einstein was offered for the post of Prime Minsiter by Israeli Government but he refused them; Einstein refused this job because he thought he is too old for this job and he also don't has enough experience and temperament for this job; Einstein was offered Prime Minisitership, because he was Jew and also very popular and respected among the Jewish people.

(2)  Einstein Never worn Socks

It is very weird and interesting, but it is 100 % true, Einstein never wore socks in his whole life, because for him socks were a pain and because they often would get holes in them and he was also of the view that, why wear both socks and shoes, when one of them would do just fine?

(3) Einstein and his refrigerator invention

Most of the people think that Einstein was just a theoretical scientist, but not many people know that, he had a very good grip on practical knowledge about science; According to research Albert Einstein invented a refrigerator after writing his famous Special theory of Relativity, but unfortunately his invention never got into production because new technology made it obsolete.

(4) Einstein had an illegitimate daughter

According to latest research, Einstein had an intimate love affair with his girl friend Mileva Maric in late 1890's ,just before there marriage Milea Maric found herself pregnant and they decided to hide their illegitimate girl; Einstein married her after one year,when he got patent job.

We don't know what exactly happened to their daughter but it is believed that their illegitimate girl Lieserl either died after suffering from scarlet fever at an early age or she survived the scarlet fever and was given up for adoption.

(5) Einstein Failed in Exams

This is a common notion among People that a student who fails in school exams or tests is not intelligent, but not many people know that, Geinus of 20th century, one and only Albert Einstein failed early school entrance exam, because of language and culture sections, but he became an extraordinary scientist in the future which proofs that traditional school tests don't always show how you'll do in life.
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2010: Top 8 Most Expensive Android Apps (google, tech, news, update, review, Auckland)

Android Market which offers thousands of free and paid applications, for Google's Android phone to meet the needs of virtually any device or mobile. To the paid version before you get these applications, many of these applications, Android lite version / free trial is trying to pay. Here is a list of top 8 most expensive/best paid android apps, Android Market has created a list of available revisions.

1. EasyTether

This is probably one of the most expensive app. Windows can share an Internet system using a mobile computer that is running you can direct a PC to the phone. Older applications offer the ability to attach Android or need root access, you must have a special connection with the service plan on your cell phone company.

2. SMS Commander

The text message to control the distance you can send commands to Google based phones, The volume of the ringer, GPS location of mobile phones, cell survival rate, the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS your contact information to enable the transfer of notification, change these commands to get the following features or and much more are included.

3. SMS To Mail Box Pro

So it can be your inbound and outbound transport, the other highest-paid Android applications, automated e-mail to SMS, MMS, and logs. T-Mobile G1 in Google you can see all calls sent by text message sent and received cell phone to log into Gmail. These messages, all driving data is located in the heart (Gmail account) that has been stored, finding what it is and I'm easy to me right away, text messages, I am looking for The e-mail or phone number can be found.

4. DocumentsToGo Full Version Key

Google Android and the phone number of the PDF Adobe, Word Microsoft, MS PowerPoint and Excel can not open the document types, such as Android device users. Fortunately, help is paid for this application on Android, but you can only view your document, you can create and edit easily documents of any kind.

5. Pixelpipe Pro

This is that online services almost all popular you are (Facebook with video, photos, because you can download the audio file on top of another, in some money Android branches that are worth being paid and Picasa, Flickr, has, Evernote, and so on.) Personally, I push my Flickr Pro all the images, and flash your phone on Google for storage in the Android release, I use this app.

6. PhonePlus Callback

When receiving an incoming call, giving the option to accept your refusal, the caller or application delivers text messages to custom settings, Google displays pop-up screen button phone Masu. To send text messages that are personalized to notify the caller that you are busy now, "since so-called" while selecting the button, the submit button to reject calls directly to voice mail, please press that in mind as soon as possible .

7. Gentle Alarm

Google's Android comes with the clock fundamental and most phones will be allowed, either use the music, they lack the ability to spend the volume of the alarm. This application is an alarm Android songs, playlists, you can assign ringtones and paying, you can create a silent alarm to a specific location, such as your work or school. Dokkinguaramu station back to snooze, light volume off, and additional features such as viewing the night time, flight mode, profiles, alarms, and the value of the sum of a conservative money to increase the clock by default parameters of sleep and the cycle Check.

8. MyBackup Pro

It is also one of the most expensive android app. Can you imagine losing the most? Such actions, the server is secure to prevent data loss like this, almost all the SD card, applications, settings, files and important, Android in mobile phone content for Android backup applications paid. Your phone completely of your existing or new Android lost or you can restore the contents of all the information to mobile phones, mobile applications were destroyed.
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2011: The Top 10 Unanswerable Questions (puzzle, life, questions, future, Auckland)

(  Here are the Top 10 unanswerable questions for 2011, based on more than a billion questions have been asked in the last decade.  You can join our group on facebook

1. What is the meaning of life?

2. Is there a God?

3. Do blondes have more fun?

4. What is the best way to lose weight?

5. Is there anybody out there?

6. Who is the most famous person in the world?

7. What is love?

8. What is the secret to happiness?

9. Did Tony Soprano die?

10. How long will I live?

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WikiLeak on Apple iPhone 5 with 8MP Camera from Sony? (tech, news, report)

Even the iPhone 4G seems to be premiered early with iPhone OS 4 capabilities however the hardware rumors of 5MP camera and 64GB of storage are still unconfirmed yet as the device become official presumably this June. Then suddenly beside all this 4th generation early rumors, the iPhone 5G is much way ahead and up with rumor of taunting an 8MP camera supplied by Sony.

"Apple has picked Sony's 8-megapixel camera chip for the 2011 iPhone, according to supply and manufacturing sources, said Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar."

Currently the iPhone's camera is from OmniVision hint that the 5MP camera will come from them too. Knowing Sony's phones mounted by their camera modules boast high quality captured images then I must say it's not a bad choice. Along the way the 2011 maybe time for 4G networks so possibly we can have an iPhone 5G with 4G support. 

In the end, it's too early to tell for 2011 iteration of the iPhone, let's just see what Apple has stored for us this summer, mainly the iPhone HD and iPhone OS 4.

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We convert your iPod Touch to an iPhone (gadget, mod, convert, 3GS, 4G, Auckland)

This post is Sponsored by Abby Technology Limited.  Give us a text at (021) 264-0000 or email if you want to covnert your Apple iPod (2nd or 3rd generation) and we shall be more happy to give you a price quote.  Terms and conditions applies for the converstion.
Want to have an iPhone but for some reason you can't get your hands on one and instead have an iPod Touch? Then you're in luck, some random company based in Guangzhou, China has made a device that allows you to turn your iPod Touch into something that works like an iPhone. You've heard that right, the guys in China did it first.
What the device basically does is allowing the addition of a SIM card so that you can call with your iPod Touch. In order to do this, the device includes a speaker on top so that you can hear the calls, a SIM card slot, a baseband chip, a dock connector port and a "vibration motor" (possibly for silent mode or a similar functionality). Take note that it doesn't support 3G.
As with unofficial Apple products, you need to jailbreak your iPod Touch to gain access to the full features that the Apple Peel offers. The device will then install 2 applications, "Yosion" and "YsSMS". 

As you can see, the user interface of Yosion has striking similarities with the phone application of the iPhone.
The SMS functionality is also similar to the iPhone. 
You can then import your contacts from the SIM card to the on-board memory.

 Overall, this is a nifty device to say the least. The question is, what will Apple do once they knew the existence of such device.
What's in it for you as a consumer?
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(2) Convert any unwanted or unused iPod (2nd or 3rd generation) to a real functioning, real Apple iPhone
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(5) Send unlimited text messages to any phone number in the world via HeyWire free Apps

(1) Converted iPod can make use of 2G network only
(2) Does not support GPRS or 3G network.

What's Next?
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(2) Please read disclaimers, terms and condition on our site located
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3-1-2011: Visited Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

My mate and I visited Birkenhead, North Shore this afternoon. It was very productive if I may say so.
Something big will happen this year to change our destines for something great!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2-Jan-2012. Dropped by the historical site of Waihi, the old mine and quarry. We will have KFC for lunch. Then shoot to Karangahake for a few hours tracking.