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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: Top 8 Most Expensive Android Apps (google, tech, news, update, review, Auckland)

Android Market which offers thousands of free and paid applications, for Google's Android phone to meet the needs of virtually any device or mobile. To the paid version before you get these applications, many of these applications, Android lite version / free trial is trying to pay. Here is a list of top 8 most expensive/best paid android apps, Android Market has created a list of available revisions.

1. EasyTether

This is probably one of the most expensive app. Windows can share an Internet system using a mobile computer that is running you can direct a PC to the phone. Older applications offer the ability to attach Android or need root access, you must have a special connection with the service plan on your cell phone company.

2. SMS Commander

The text message to control the distance you can send commands to Google based phones, The volume of the ringer, GPS location of mobile phones, cell survival rate, the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS your contact information to enable the transfer of notification, change these commands to get the following features or and much more are included.

3. SMS To Mail Box Pro

So it can be your inbound and outbound transport, the other highest-paid Android applications, automated e-mail to SMS, MMS, and logs. T-Mobile G1 in Google you can see all calls sent by text message sent and received cell phone to log into Gmail. These messages, all driving data is located in the heart (Gmail account) that has been stored, finding what it is and I'm easy to me right away, text messages, I am looking for The e-mail or phone number can be found.

4. DocumentsToGo Full Version Key

Google Android and the phone number of the PDF Adobe, Word Microsoft, MS PowerPoint and Excel can not open the document types, such as Android device users. Fortunately, help is paid for this application on Android, but you can only view your document, you can create and edit easily documents of any kind.

5. Pixelpipe Pro

This is that online services almost all popular you are (Facebook with video, photos, because you can download the audio file on top of another, in some money Android branches that are worth being paid and Picasa, Flickr, has, Evernote, and so on.) Personally, I push my Flickr Pro all the images, and flash your phone on Google for storage in the Android release, I use this app.

6. PhonePlus Callback

When receiving an incoming call, giving the option to accept your refusal, the caller or application delivers text messages to custom settings, Google displays pop-up screen button phone Masu. To send text messages that are personalized to notify the caller that you are busy now, "since so-called" while selecting the button, the submit button to reject calls directly to voice mail, please press that in mind as soon as possible .

7. Gentle Alarm

Google's Android comes with the clock fundamental and most phones will be allowed, either use the music, they lack the ability to spend the volume of the alarm. This application is an alarm Android songs, playlists, you can assign ringtones and paying, you can create a silent alarm to a specific location, such as your work or school. Dokkinguaramu station back to snooze, light volume off, and additional features such as viewing the night time, flight mode, profiles, alarms, and the value of the sum of a conservative money to increase the clock by default parameters of sleep and the cycle Check.

8. MyBackup Pro

It is also one of the most expensive android app. Can you imagine losing the most? Such actions, the server is secure to prevent data loss like this, almost all the SD card, applications, settings, files and important, Android in mobile phone content for Android backup applications paid. Your phone completely of your existing or new Android lost or you can restore the contents of all the information to mobile phones, mobile applications were destroyed.
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