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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WikiLeak on Apple iPhone 5 with 8MP Camera from Sony? (tech, news, report)

Even the iPhone 4G seems to be premiered early with iPhone OS 4 capabilities however the hardware rumors of 5MP camera and 64GB of storage are still unconfirmed yet as the device become official presumably this June. Then suddenly beside all this 4th generation early rumors, the iPhone 5G is much way ahead and up with rumor of taunting an 8MP camera supplied by Sony.

"Apple has picked Sony's 8-megapixel camera chip for the 2011 iPhone, according to supply and manufacturing sources, said Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar."

Currently the iPhone's camera is from OmniVision hint that the 5MP camera will come from them too. Knowing Sony's phones mounted by their camera modules boast high quality captured images then I must say it's not a bad choice. Along the way the 2011 maybe time for 4G networks so possibly we can have an iPhone 5G with 4G support. 

In the end, it's too early to tell for 2011 iteration of the iPhone, let's just see what Apple has stored for us this summer, mainly the iPhone HD and iPhone OS 4.

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