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“Think before you speak” is always a good advice in any situation, but in the workplace, you can just change the phrase as, “Think before you say anything in front of your boss.” The boss-employee relationships can be extremely complex. Regardless of the degree of trust you have with your boss, there are so many things you should never say in his/her presence. Before telling your boss what you really think, count to ten and take a look at 10 things that you should not mention.

01. I can not

“I can not” most of the time expresses your lack of confidence. When you have good reasons behind telling no, you can express your thi=ought. But if there is not any, think 10 times before telling these words.

02. It is not my responsibility

Bosses know very well about their workers’ responsibilities. You don’t need to remind him. Sometimes it is said that one thing does not belong to your area of expertise. You were wrong! Today the buzzwords in the workplace are multidisciplinary and flexibility.

03. Do not Know

When it comes to make important decisions, just don’t tell you don’t know. The boss might think, if you don’t know anything, then what are you doing in his company! If you really do not know an answer, at least try to formulate a ‘ hypothesis.

04. Direct NO

Without explanation, you should never say no in front of your boss. The boss also knows that you don’t know or can do everything. But just think before saying the word. If you give explanation why you are telling no, the boss will understand, otherwise it will look like you are not interested.

05. It is not what I heard

If you are not sure about something, but it goes only “hearsay”, better not to give this answer, because you could give a bad impression. You can say that you don’t have enough knowledge.

06. I’m sorry, but …

If you are wrong , the most sensible and responsible thing is to recognize it. Lame excuses and half – truths are not the best ways to approach to your boss. You can say, I will pay more attention, otherwise, if you put”but” in the middle of your sentence, you will end up losing authenticity to your displeasure.

07. It is not really my fault, it’s the fault of

It is always better to take responsibility for you own action. Don’t try to blame others for your mistake. And especially in front of your boss, don’t tell that the fault was made by one of your colleagues.

08. I am leaving the company

Threatening the boss that you want to leave the work can be interpreted as unprofessional behavior. In fact, the boss may think that we really don’t have the suitable profile for the company if only after first obstacles, you say you are leaving!

09. I am bored

One phrase you should never say in front of your boss is ‘I’m bored’ because logically the boss will think you unproductive or you really do not support the work. He can also think that you have no interest or have lost the motivation for the job.

10. I do not get along with this person

You can never make everyone happy and never find everyone suitable for you. Telling the boss you can not work with a particular person because you do not get along with, it can be counterproductive. The boss expects workers to be able to overcome personal conflicts and find ways to work together.

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