Saturday, December 30, 2006

Picnic and Lunch at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

We have had a wonderful time, enjoy our lunch/picnic at Lake Taupo. The town is very busy and noisy at this time of the year. I will enjoy you some pictures of my family (don't like showing faces on blogs!). See the azure sky and scenery of Lake Taupo below!

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Creater of the Moon, Rotorua, Auckland!

(30-12-2006) After visiting Huka Fall, we drove to "Creaters of the Moon", a famous thermal resort where you can see steam coming out from the ground and the air is filled with the smell of sulphur! The total time spent walking at the "moonscape" was about 45 minutes. After this, we went for a picnic at the beautiful Lake Taupo.

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A picture of Huka Fall, Waikato River

My family and I drove for a weekend visit to Hamilton, then shoot to scenic Rotorua and then visited lake Taupo. We took over 310 digital pictures with two digital camera; as we have visite a few scenic spots today. Below is a picture of Huka Fall. We drove from Auckland and clocked nearly 700 km or driving in one single day (yes, I was the only driver!)

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Friday, December 29, 2006

My Long lost friend from Singapore!

Finally, I managed to get Tony's phone number. It had been ages since we last catch up and met in person (sorry, can't publish his photo here as his might be kidnaapped by some wild women!)

I tried calling him at his family phone since 2001 & cannot get through. Fortunately, uncle K. S. told me to add a '6' to the local number. The call finally went through! The last time we met, my son was about 2 years old. Now my son is much taller than me! So this tells you how long has it been!

To locate Tony, I have to call him Mom a few times, even traced his sister's phone in Perth, Australia to get Tony's mobile phone number! I thank my lucky star that I found my old friend again! We went way back since my high school years in Singapore (it is after World War II, of course!)

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Bad Boy, what you gonna do?

Two pictures of New Zealand Police car (very similar to Britain's police car)Add to Technorati Favorites

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Fun with location,

I took two pictures from 1015, Dominion Road, Mt. Roskill, Auckland. The go to the website to get the exact location via the internet. When you are at the website, just type "1051, Dominion Road..." and it will automatically complete the address for you!
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Since Auckland is so small, you can virtually locate any street address easily via the net (Hint: be kind to people around you!)
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