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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand

Add to Google Some pictures of Mt Roskill, Auckland to share with you folks!

This is the roundabout near to where we live
Date: 27-9-2004

A picture near our house, Mt. Roskill

Date: 24-9-2006

I took this pic with my Pentax digital camera, using macro mode.

Can you see the hornet or been on the flower (Bird of Paradise) ?

Date: 24-9-2004

This $2 shop as great items. Used to buy heaps of "Spy Ear" toy for $2 each and sold them on auction site for $34.95 plus shipping $6.50

Who says you can ear extra cash using your computer?

This is a picture of Skippy during last
winter. It was a cold winter day in Auckland, so we put on his Navy blue "Super Dog" jacket for him.

Isn't Skippy a cute little guy!

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