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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year 2010: SmartPhone Users to Surpass 7 Million (tech, news, report, update, statistics, Auckland)

The figure of Smartphone users in Korea is projected to exceed 7 million this year, as indicated by industry informants. The complete figure of people utilizing a Smartphone here was approximately 6.8 million on or after previous month, signifying that the sum has skipped 8.5 times matched to the 800,000 noted in 2009.

From the time of the opening of Apple's iPhone in November previous year, approximately 30 latest Smartphone models have been made public this year with further to arrive this month. Korea's Smartphone market is occupied by the shares of Samsung Electronics, Apple and Pantech.
Samsung Electronics, a late arrival to the marketplace, presented its flagship version Galaxy S, power-driven by the Android cellular phone OS, in July in order to take hold of a superior share of the marketplace.
The native electronics giant told it has vended approximately 3 million Smartphones – 2.3 million items of the Galaxy version whereas 700,000 go for Omnia – in previous year.
Apple, conversely, has vended a sum of 1.6 million items – 800,000 million pieces each of the iPhone 3GS as well as the advanced iPhone 4 – turning out to be the second best in the competition.
Small size player Pantech got third place, vending 800,000 items on or after previous month, told its company representatives; eager to vend about 1 million items this year.

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