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Monday, December 27, 2010

Was the Cloaked Alien ship over Malaysia sending and receiving twitter messages

A massive cloaked disk shaped UFO was photographed and seen by many eyewitnesses in the Malaysian Beach Resort of Tuaran. The blue white object seemed to be immersed within the clouds above. Obviously the ship was cloaked and the white was clouds passing around it. Was the Cloaked Alien ship over Malaysia sending and receiving twitter messages? This UFO was witnessed by employees and guests alike . No Alien video available yet though.
According to researchers, the searches for extraterrestrial life are in the wrong direction: you have to look to social networks.
The signals that would be sent to media alien intelligence should be similar to reports in the social network "Twitter". This is the conclusion astrophysicist Gregory Benford and his twin brother, James Benford, a physicist and president of Microwave Sciences, according to Daily Mail.

According to them, alien civilizations are more likely to send short directed signals in the range of one to ten gigahertz, but not the volume of the messages transmitted in all directions.

The reason lies in greater efficiency of such technology by saving resources, to which we are confident the study's authors tend to all sentient beings, even alien.

Thus, for interplanetary communication it is more suitable to "Twitter", rather than "War and Peace", says James Benford.

Transmission of signals over a distance of many light years requires considerable resources. According to researchers, if you look at the situation from the perspective of the aliens, it is clear those members of the American project "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (SETI) for five decades have used an incorrect method.

Searches which are carried out by members of the SETI project, Benford assimilated as the work of a lighthouse, which looks for a signal that is constant through galactic space. But this approach may allow undetected short messages from being seen.

Also, the brothers believe that SETI is looking for not only 'wrong' but also 'non existent' types of signals. The strategy implies that SETI searches of unusual signals from nearby stellar sites. Instead, the brothers believe, they need to target the center of the galaxy.

The stars appearing there in the center are billions of years older than our Sun. This makes it possible to hope to meet with fairly advanced civilization, according to the brothers.
It reminds of an incident, August 15, 1977 when a radio telescope in Ohio took the unusual tone, which lasted 72 seconds. The signal received the title 'Wow signal' because of the inscription on the fields of printing signal, expressed surprise.

The signal came from the empty space in the constellation Sagittarius. He just passed on the frequency at which the researchers had expected signals from aliens.

Since then, no one has been able to explain the nature of this signal, as well as hear it again. So do you think the giant cloaked saucer was sending twitter messages?

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