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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Extreme Minimalist – The man who only owns 15 things

No, he’s not homeless, he’s not poor, and he’s definitely not unemployed. In fact, this guy is a technology mogul…but he only owns 15 things (not including socks and undies).

Andrew Hyde, an itinerant blogger-cum-interface designer who owns only 15 items. Currently residing in New York City—he’s lived everywhere from Colorado to Rhode Island.

The founder of Startup Weekend, and an organizer of TEDxBoulder conference, Hyde sold most of his worldly possessions in 2010, when he set off to circumnavigate the globe by hopping from city to city.

Constantly shuttling between New York and Silicon Valley for work, Hyde doesn’t live in a house or an apartment. When he’s not working, he’s traveling extensively, taking his worldly possessions of 15 things everywhere he goes.

Oh, you want the list, right?

1.    Arc’teryx Miura 30 backpack

2.    NAU shirt

3.    Mammut rain jacket

4.    Arc’teryx tshirt

5.    Patagonia running shorts

6.    Quick Dry towel

7.    NAU wool jacket

8.    Toiletry kit

9.    Smith sunglasses

10.  Wallet

11.   MacBook Air

12.   iPhone 3GS

13.   NAU dress shirt

14.   Patagonia jeans

15.   Running shoes


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