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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In Israel, was found a unique relic - the nails that nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross

Archaeologist and documentary filmmaker Simcha Jakubowicz made ​​a sensational statement. It turns out that back in 1990 was found a unique relic - the nails that were nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross.
Builders accidentally dug up the grave, which was in the cave. Inside were 12 stone boxes - ossuary that contained the remains of 63 people. In one of the ossuaries was discovered by Joseph Caiaphas bar, one of the priests who "knocked out" the people to crucify Jesus.
According to the hypothesis of the scientist, Joseph, for some reason kept the nails from the crucifixion of Christ, and not parted with them, and after his death. Perhaps, he bitterly regretted his actions.
Skeptics have a good reason not to trust the authenticity of the excavation and is actively engaged in clarifying all the circumstances. 
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