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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Kick In The Face Heard Around The World

If you missed Saturday night’s UFC event you missed this Van Damme-esque kick that knocked the shit out of Terry Etim and catapulted Edson Barboza into UFC super stardom. As you continue to watch the kick over and over again, you might notice that Terry Etim elicited the fencing response, an unnatural position of the arms following a concussion. Immediately after moderate forces have been applied to the brainstem, the forearms are held flexed or extended (typically into the air) for a period lasting up to several seconds after the impact. The Fencing Response is often observed during athletic competition involving contact, such as football, hockey, rugby, boxing and martial arts. It is used as an overt indicator of injury force magnitude and midbrain localization to aid in injury identification and classification for events including, but not limited to, on-field and/or bystander observations of sports-related head injuries.

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