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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three-legged Man: the history of legend

Signor Francesco Lentini was born in 1889 in Sicily. He became the 12th and at the same time, the 12-th-a-half child in the family. His twin brother, consisting of one leg and a full set of reproductive organs, was born the application to the  Frank’s spine.

The third leg attached fourth foot, a small, deformed and painful. Thus, Lentini was three feet, four feet, sixteen toes, two of the penis and testicles four. To further complicate an unusual man's life, the gods gave him his legs painfully different lengths ...

As a child, Lentini hated his extra limbs and prichindaly that was doomed to carry a coffin on life. Doctors were not taken to amputate parasitic twin, fearing that these things except for Francesco paralysis is complete. Father and mother of the little cripple refused, and Lentini raised in a family aunt, which, however, was soon shoved a unique creation in a boarding school.

There Lentini learned that there is light at the ones that are much worse than him - children born legless. This motivated him to work on himself: Frank learned to not only walk on three legs, and a run, jump rope, ride a bike, on horseback. And even skate.

At age 8 Lentini with the crowd of Sicilian immigrants ended up in America, where he joined the circus and immediately created a furor. The masses were fascinated by his sharp sense of humor and unusual for a freak agility. A room with a soccer ball tamping third leg evoked applause and shouts of "bis" (walking the two legs, the third - plays the football).

With age, the fact of physical anomalies left by the wayside - Lentini was loved by audiences and peers for exactly that exuded grace and wisdom, was a very interesting conversationalist, well-joking. The charm of the men captured the three-legged young lady named Teresa Murray. The couple were married and raised a 4 healthy children. 

Lentini continued to tour until his death, which came to his home in Florida in 1966. More than 40 years he worked at American circuses, including such distinguished as the "Barnum and Bailey" and "Coney Island". Contemporaries such respects for gentleman Frank Lentini, except that the "king" of the eye is not styled.

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