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Friday, January 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs To Last For 24 Hours — How About iPhone 5?

samsung galaxy s3 battery Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs To Last For 24 Hours    How About iPhone 5?

During an interview with Samsung’s VP of product innovation, Kevin Packingham made a statement that its future devices i.e: smartphones, tablets, etc. will have a battery life that can last for a whole day without charging it. For smartphone users, one of the biggest turn-offs with today’s high-end gadgetry is all about their mediocre battery life only lasting less than 3-4 hours, especially when playing a game, browsing the net in 3G / 4G connection or, simply watching an HD video. Likewise, this issue become more rampant last year as more and more smartphones are starting to harness LTE draining their battery even more.

Interestingly, we heard rumors last quarter about the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S III on MWC 2012. If everything goes well, it’s interesting to see if the new love child will come equipped with this 24-hour battery pack. Meanwhile, CNET also reported that Samsung used Droid Charge – the company’s first LTE phone under Verizon – as an example on how to gauge the effectiveness of a battery equipped for its future devices. Likewise, this bring the ball on the court of Apple if iPhone 5 can offer something similar for its customers. Only time can tell!

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