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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In Holland has died a Hitler's idol 108-year-old Actor ...Johannes Heesters

The famous Dutch singer and actor Johannes Heesters has died on Saturday at the age of 108 years old in  Starnberg   Bavarian city. Grandpa died in the hospital, where he remained for the last few days in critical condition due to disease.

Until recently it was considered the oldest active artist. He spent 89 years on stage and starred in over 80 movies in various genres - from comedy to musicals and melodramas. He made his debut in the film - film "Dutch Circus" (1924), the last film credits was in the movie "The Way to Happiness" in 2008.

In 1930 the last century has been very popular in Germany, his concerts were frequently visited by senior officials, including Adolf Hitler. After the Second World War, he gave concerts in Austria and Germany. In recent years, lived in Bavaria and continued concert activity, despite an almost complete loss of vision.

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