Friday, January 20, 2012

iPad 3 expected to hit the market in March 2012 (Apple, iOS, iPhone, 4S, 5, unlock, jailbreak, network, GSM)

The rumors are springing up for Apple’s iPad 3 that is supposed to arrive in March this year. Some are saying that may be, in the next two weeks, iPad3 will be hitting the shelves.

If we compare it to Apple’s earlier, releases it would perfectly fit as first iPad model came in April 2012 and iPad 2 arrived in the last week of March.

Bloomberg Report

According to the report of Bloomberg, “Apple iPad3 will be incorporating the HD screen, and the small pixels will give the image a printed material look.” A quad-core chip will increase efficiency and speed with 4G LTE support.

Report also stated that LTE is brought for the Apple iPad gadget before the iPhone as latest power technology and a bigger battery support the tablet. Bloomberg obtained this report from the three different sources related with the product.

Update for Production

The report has also revealed that Apple has already started the production of these gadgets at the Asian partners manufacturing units, as Foxconn in china is running the whole 24 hours a day.

The iPad launched earlier has been a massive hit generating more than $25 billion as sales revenue. Many companies tried to come up to the level of iPad but failed; however, Cupertino is hoping that the device will become the favorite choice of consumers.

Rumors are also saying that may be iPad 3 will not be good enough to reach the target, as iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S failed to do so. The time is the only answer for all these rumors.

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