Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart Beat Phone - pulsing like the heart, phone (repair, unlock, network, GSM, iOS, Auckland, drmobiles)

  Heart Beat Phone is designed to ensure that the owners found out about the rhythms of his heart and his feelings. This is achieved by several ways. 

The handset Heart Beat Phone has many features in common with the human heart. Firstly, it has a pink color. And, secondly, it begins to pulsate at a time when he is calling. This gives a kind of "humanity" that seemingly soulless machine. So, holding a mobile phone, you actually hold a trembling heart.

And it will tremble with the same rhythm, which is beating at that moment your heart now. Phone keeps track of the setting and puts it on the machine. Furthermore, Heart Beat Phone analyzes it and reports that the feelings you have for someone who is calling you.

Even control of Heart Beat Phone is not at the expense of the touch screen (in this device is missing), and keys, and compression that you are putting it. That is, if you compress CellPhones on the sides, you get access to its menu, and shaking up and down and from side to side, you will navigate through it.

In addition, about all the information about your heart rate and feelings of this or that person received from the phone's Heart Beat Phone, you can tell your friends and through Twitter, Facebook and other social tools. 

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