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Friday, January 20, 2012

Loggers. Being like Paul Bunyan with his giant ox might get you giddy with excitement, but it could instead land you in an early grave. Who would take care of your ox? Logging qualifies as one of the deadliest jobs thanks to heavy equipment, heavier fa

Victorinox, known for its Swiss Army knife ensemble, integrated flash drive features on its main product to mainstream its industry with the latest technology. However, with its latest offering in the coming 2012 Consumer Electronic Show or CES, it seems that they are not only trying to mainstream, but to lead in technology advances.

victorinox flash drive usb Victorinox 1TB Flash Drive with LCD: Price, Specs and Date for CES 2012

Victorinox will offer in the 2012 CES its newest flash drive, which will feature 1TB. The 1TB USB 2.0 will also feature eSATA II to complement the huge storage for high speed connection and data transfer. The Victorinox 1 TB flash drivewill also feature a built-in monochrome LCD to display messages, storage capacity and drive content.

Consumers can get this new flash drive in red and black. Victorinox is also said to release two versions of this new product. One version will have a penknife, scissor and the USB drive. Another version will only include the flash drive.

Swiss Army Knife fans will definitely love this new offering from Victorinox considering that its 1TB is the largest storage drive in its product line to date. Just imagine the unlimited size and number of files they can put on this gadget.

There is still no announcement on the price of this 1 TB flash drive. Some suggest using as reference same product lines of Victorinox to estimate the price.

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