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Saturday, January 29, 2011

WARNING: Apple iPhone Repair Crook Strikes Again! (geohot, iOS, Auckland, Central)

The following is only a story someone emailed me.  Read it for entertainment purpose only.  Any similarity on individual who is dead or alive is purely coincidental.  Name of company, location, road names are fictional and not real.  If you find that you fit the description of the crook in the story, please go and blame your father + mother + your wife or smash every mirror around you.

Please text (021) 02555888 the Support Grouup if you have been victimized or cheated by questionable repair centre.  You will introduce to the victim support group (non-profit and no "$85 inspection fee" required!).  The fictional story is in RED font.

"Mate had forwarded a horrible incident involving an innocent Kiwi iPhone 4 user.  According to the source, the owner purchased a unit of brand new Apple iPhone 4 from an authorized dealer recent.  The crook look very frail and walks like a living-dead, he appears to be Asian but claims to be European (yeah, right!).  One thing the victim notice is that the crook lies each time when he open his mouth and always dished out fake smiles.  The crook in the story is about +40 years old, 170cm, drives a beat up "European" car with shitty paint job. Still living with his father for free rental, food and lodging (with his foreign wife too!).  He had been conning insurance companies (e.g. remove iPhone's motherboard replaced with some metal plate plated, then returned to insurance company saying iPhone is beyond repair).

One thing the victim noticed about the crook was that the Asian-looking con is extremely sleek taking and take advantage of victim's mood (i.e. damaged iPhone by liquid exposure).  The con person can even sell snow to the Eskimos!  It is like pushing a window to sell off her property right after the husband's funeral.

The phone was wet in a drizzle and only problem was not charging properly (digitzer still works, no watermark on LCD, on/off button work fine and volume up/down have no problem).

Since there is not warranty coverage on water damage or impact damaged iPhone. The innocent went to "reputable" repair centre near the city but he was rejected as the "reputable" repair centre as they are NOT capable nor have confidence to fix water damage iPhone.
Very unfortunately, according to the story; the owner was caught up with a pink color "gayish" website who claimed to be an expert in iPhone repair near Mt Eden Road, Auckland Central.

The unlucky customer was cheated and screwed badly:
(1) Charge $85 for non-refundable repair
(2) iPhone 4 work for only 12 hours after owner paid $349 for "water damage" repair.
(3) Story short the iPhone 4 was permanently disable (means "dead") or what the crook claimed it as BEY (Beyond Economical Repair).
(4) Victim also has a record of insurance claim being rejected by insurance company.

The funny thing is that when owner question this crook repair person in Auckland Central, he has the balls to blame it on the "reputable" repair centre near the city!  How it is possible for that to happened?  The "reputable" repair centre never even open or inspected the iPhone 4 to begin with.

Why people are so emotional and gullible?  The avoid being screwed by such con person is not difficult. This is what you do
(1) Do your research, ask your mate about iPhone repair
(2) Search for possible report on "iPhone Repair Crook" on the internet
(3) Get a written and sign repair quote.  Check the IMEI number before and after sending iPhone for repair.
(4) Ask for trade reference, check with reputable Network providers (e.g. Telecom, Vodafone, 2 Degrees mobile) to verify who IS THE ONE that they trust or have dealt with.
(5) Verify with the repair person: what is his technical credential? Where he learn phone repair and unlock? Who are the companies he dealt with.

WARNING:  Your current authorizer seller or even the main importer are still unaware of this crook; even could be using him (they bother to check the background and the internet for safety sake?)

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Peter said...

Of course it strikes again. it was a matter of time for this to happen. I don't know how they can release a product with such a problem and it's pretty common too.

Peter said...

And a lot of people (like me) have seen a lot of apple but they don't buy one for themselves. Do you wonder why???
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elena gilbert said...

Therefore, these things should always be purchased with full attention and care. You should have proof of each and everything with you so that no can make a fool out of you in the end.
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