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Monday, January 24, 2011

iPhone 4 Transparent Case: See-Through Case Alternative for White iPhone 4!

24th January, 2011--In the tech world, anything that's unique could come out as exciting in the eyes of the customers, combine this uniqueness over a popular device and you got yourself the 'bomb' that could turn into a profitable business if managed correctly.
This is the same case for these newly found iPhone 4 see-thru cases. And so far, they look kinda interesting, actually. Check 'em out!
As some of you may already know, each one of us were forced to wait dearly for the arrival of the White iPhone 4 models so for the meantime, you can have these transparent iPhone 4 cases just in case you want to impress your friends.
Interestingly, if you'll use this case, you can actually see the innards of the iPhone 4. Well, not all, but the battery is there with the "Warning Sign" reminding you always to take care of it. If you'll look on its front, there's some sort of a strange looking background, which doesn't look like the actual wallpaper. Okay, I am just raising your curiosity guys, bare with me. But it's still interesting to look at.
Anyway, if you think this isn't cool enough, you can always get those geeky retro iPhone 4 case "cassette tapes" which is also available on that old Nintendo "family" computer controller we all love on the early nineties!

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