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Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you seen the World’s First Digital Camera (1975)? (history, gadget, technology, Auckland)

Created by Kodak's engineer Steve Sasson.
In December 1975, Kodak engineer Steve Sasson invented something that would, decades later, revolutionize photography: the world's first digital camera. It was the size of a toaster, and captured black and white images at a resolution of 100×100 - or 0.01 megapixels in today's marketing terminology. The images were stored on cassette tape, taking 23 seconds to write. The camera uses an ADC from Motorola, a bog-standard (for the 1970s) lens from a Kodak movie camera, and a CCD chip from Fairchild Semiconductor - the same technology that digital cameras still use today. To playback the images, a special computer and tape reader setup (pictured below) was built, outputting the grainy images on a standard TV. It took a further 23 seconds to read each image from tape.
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