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Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Deliver!

We Deliver
Curtis Crenshaw, 30, dropped by Cincinnati police headquarters to get a copy of his rap sheet so he could review his police record. “He probably thought we only check Hamilton County and that was his biggest mistake,” a police spokesman said. Records clerks saw that Crenshaw was wanted in New York on a murder charge. He is being held pending an extradition hearing. “One of my detectives said, That wasn’t very smart.’ Well, I told him smart people don’t commit homicides. That’s one of the edges that we have,” the spokesman said. “If these people were smart, we’d be in bad shape.” (UPI)

We Deliver II
When police in Silver Spring, Md., found Nelson Robles, 22, tied to a utility pole, they found a note next to him that read, “Montgomery County: I’m wanted.” He was — on five traffic warrants. Police are now investigating whether Robles was left there by two police officers in neighboring Prince George’s County because Montgomery County police were too busy to come pick him up. They found Robles, bound with disposable handcuffs, after an anonymous call told them to look behind a shopping center near the border of the two counties. (AP)

We Deliver III
Mitchell Paster, 29, is being held without bail as the prime suspect in the knifing murder of his wife. Police said he did it at their home — located on the grounds of Pennsylvania’s Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, where his wife worked as a psychologist. (AP)

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