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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest & Beyond Dumb, Auckland, New Zealand, "David Lim", davidlim

Steven Baron and Andrew Fiore are being held without bail for armed robbery. Police in Foster, R.I., charge that the two men entered a mini-mart at a gas station and made a small purchase. As the clerk packaged the items, one of the robbers sprayed him in the face with pepper gas and scooped $157 out of the cash register. Only then did the two men put on ski masks, though one forgot to take the cigarette out of his mouth first and burned his face. A security camera recording the whole thing got such clear pictures of the men that when they were shown to area police departments, three different officers immediately recognized the men as Baron and Fiore. Foster Police Chief Donald Kettle dubbed the robbery “one of the stupidest crimes ever committed.” (UPI)

Michael Anthony Silver, 34, has been arrested for burglary and grand larceny. Leesburg, Va., police were led to Silver when the burglary victim got his phone bill: it had a $250 charge for calls to a psychic hotline around the time the crime was committed. Police contacted the phone psychics and found that one of their callers indeed gave his name as Michael Silver. Silver said he did make the calls, but from somewhere else. (AP)

Police in Las Vegas, Nev., have captured a sniper who shot at eight cars on the interstate outside of Reno, injuring two drivers. Christopher Merritt, 20, was stopped by officers because his truck had a burned-out tail light. Officers then discovered the truck was stolen, and found it carried guns and ammunition. Washoe County Sheriff Richard Kirkland said Merritt was “a goofball” who “incriminated himself” in the shootings. His motive? Police say Merritt figured that once he shot at the cars, they would crash and he could then run up and rob the occupants. (UPI)

Beyond Dumb
Moments after a bank robber in Wilmington, Del., escaped, a packet of dye hidden in the loot exploded, staining his skin with incriminating evidence. A few minutes later, a man stepped from an apartment building and waved a friendly greeting to a passing police cruiser. “The officer noticed his hands were fluorescent orange and just put two and two together,” a police spokesman said. Impulsive waver Cawayne Brown was arrested and charged with bank robbery. “If he would have gone about his business, the cop car would have gone right past him.” (AP)
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