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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Think Big and Think Really Big! (Auckland, New Zealand, "David Lim", davidlim)

Think Big
The Dilbert cartoon empire brings in $200 million in annual sales from newspaper syndication, a TV show, a dozen book collections, and more than 700 licensed products from $500 leather jackets to clip-on “pointy hair”. After creator Scott Adams stopped eating meat several years ago, he grew concerned he was not getting adequate nutrition, so he spent $1 million of his share of the money pile to develop a “nutritionally complete, natural food.” The result is the “Dilberito”, a $2.29 meatless burrito-like packaged meal that he is now trying to market to grocery stores. Will it sell? “Six billion people, three meals a day,” Adams says. “It can get big.” (Newsweek)

Think Really Big
The Brazilian TV show Tiazinha (Portugese for “Little Aunt”) was designed to appeal to teens, but the show is more of a hit with adults. That may have something to do with its presentation: a “partially nude model” whips students for not doing their homework. Sex shops say leather whip sales — not to mention the S&M style clothing like the TV mistress wears — are booming. “I never imagined reaching such heights of success,” said actress Suazana Alves, who plays Tiazinha on the show. (AFP)

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