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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Blind Leading the Blind! (Auckland, New Zealand, "David Lim" davidlim)

The Texas Commission for the Blind is charged with helping the visually impaired get jobs. But a federal probe has shown the Commission has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The problem? The Justice Department says the Commission discriminated against two of its employees because they had impaired vision. The Commission has settled with the employees, paying one $50,000 and another $5,000. (UPI)

The U.S. House of Representative’s Inspector General says the U.S. Capitol and five House office buildings lack basic fire safety measures. Sprinklers are not hooked up to water, alarms are placed where they cannot be heard, and there are inadequate escape routes, says Inspector General John Lainhart IV. “As a result, the safety of members [of Congress], staff, and visitors has been jeopardized and these historic buildings have been left vulnerable to a fire,” Lainhart says. Architect of the Capitol Alan M. Hantman agreed “that buildings in the House complex are not fully protected by modern, state of the art fire protection systems meeting current codes.” However, he said, “there is no legal requirement” that they be. (AP)

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