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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Judgement Day

Judgment Day I
When Michael Fulkroad, 31, came home and found his girlfriend in bed with another man, he punched the guy in the mouth, threw him against the wall, and ran him out of the house. But Common Pleas Judge Scott Evans apparently didn’t think much of the assault charges filed by the Harrisburg, Pa., prosecutor. “The guy goes home and finds his girlfriend in bed with this other guy and people are wondering why he got hit?” Evans asked. But Fulkroad was before him, pleading guilty, so Evans sentenced him — to five minutes on probation. (AP)

Judgement Day II
Katie Nemeth, 19, got some advice from Cleveland Common Pleas Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold when she sentenced Nemeth to a $200 fine for misusing a credit card. In the court transcript, Saffold is quoted as advising Nemeth to dump her boyfriend, because “all of the women in prisons across these United States of America are there because of a guy.” For a better man, she should head for a local medical school and “marry a doctor lickety-split. All you got to do is take a biology book, don’t even read it. When one of them walks by say, Excuse me, could you tell me what this means?’ You got yourself a date,” the judge said. “Men are easy. You can go sit in the bus stop, put on a short skirt, cross your legs and pick up 25,” Saffold said. “Ten of them will give you their money. If you don’t pick up the first 10, then all you got to do is open your legs a little bit and cross them at the bottom.” Judge Saffold, 45, is married to a doctor. (AP)

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