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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vidafone Apple iPhone 4G with Cracked Screen

Received a unit if original Vodafone set, apple iPhone 4G yesterday. The customer told us that he is aware of the sick-looking rip off rogue repair in Auckland central who operates from a rundown cheap retail store (client said you will not muss it, damn place smells and look like a $2 shop).

The idiot quoted $85 to inspect the damaged iPhone 4G (what is there to inspect, you can see with your naked eyes the digitizer is broken) and $550 to "repair" it. Wonder how one can repair a broken glass/digitizer? A true professional alright. He thinks that all Kiwis are stupid like him and money grows on tree.

Any way, the unit was sorted out for this smart and alert customers.

If you think you have been cheated or motherboard being switch by such dodgy repair crook, join our forum and Facebook to learn how to get justice done. If you are a season blogger please get in touch, we shall do something right to
protect innocent phone repair customer.

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