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Monday, January 10, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Killed by Idiot

A furious customer gave his expensive Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to us today. He claimed that a dodgy and cheap-looking place in Auckland stuffed up his Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Owner said phone cannot turn on, but the idiot charge him $180 to upgrade software. After which, owner said phone turn on but stucked on startup mode and cannot turn on completely.

Our technical findings:
Battery was flat and needs to be booted up
There us no need to upgrade the Android firmware
Wrong software used to upgrade the firmware (which has got nothing to do the battery!)

The final solution:
Battery booted up, recondition to original state and working condition
Loaded new Android firmware

The Ending:
Client happy with our service and advice

- Next Action:
The client will be filing Police report at Auckland Central for repair fraud and willful destruction if property
-Forward then police to Ministry of Justice

- Check his immigration status or people related to him

If you think you have been ripped-off by questionable repair centre, just text us at (021) 117-2222 and we shall help you to get justice done and recover your lost.

Check online forums and Facebook victim support group. The days are lured for this semi-pro repair person.

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