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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Born Loser's Comment: Who will read his blog? (iPhone Repair, Auckland, Police Report)

Hello World!  My old college buddy forward me a funny story from United States and I would like to share with you all in New Zealand.  Character and location are changed to protect the privacy of the individual.  If you are a loser in life (e.g. +41 years old, still stay with the father, driving mother's car, married a fat women from the third world), a failed business owner or even a crook; do not feel offended, it is a story; you just have to wake up and smell the coffee.

January 8th, 2010:  Story sent by Josh Amadelio, Orange County, USA:

Something weird happened yesterday, my partner and I was shopping at Orange County. Upon buying all the things we needed we went to the car park.  we noticed that there was a skinny chap, looks pale on his brown skin and too thin to be true (an adult weights around 85 pounds, that is less than my dog!). He was in a rather loud and heatediscussion with another cunning looking Latino dude at the car park.
The skinny loser, was really funny, during his conversation, he tried to "enlarge" his frame to show dominance over the other chap (imagine, a frail-looking almost a walking-dead tried to scare people off!). I WTF is wrong with this person, looking very sick and possibly an AIDS carrier trying to impress other with his freaking skeletal body!

He was mumbling about so-and-so's ability to compose and publish blogs on the net.  Possibly due to minimal education or dropped out of high school (he boasted that he has a Master's degree from Harvard at the car park; yeah, righ!).  Due to limited brain power or understanding of how the world works; this loser was shouting like "who will read his blog".  No one at the car park know what this wild skinny dog was shouting about right in the middle of K-Mart's park in Orange County, CA, USA.  He needs help bad as he shows the acute of bipolar swing.  Poor bastard, he might had done eveil things to other repeatedly and now getting pay back.

Out of curiosity, my colleague and I search for blogging information and came out with an interesting picture.  No one know if that picture was meant for the sick freako who looked like a damn big LOSER in life.  The figures tells it all, the best is bloggers now link each posting to twitter, share link on facebook, discuss topics on worldwide forum. The best part is it will arouse curiosity of both the victims of crime and authorities (e.g. Law enforcement agencies, L.A. Sheriff's Department, Justice Department, US Immigration Services).  The beauty is the blogger will bridge all these parties to communicate, to exchange data, gather evidence, file police case and initial criminal charge proceeding).  If that LOSER have half a brain, he should be careful of shit he spilled out from his dog mouth, eh?

Any way, next time you are in K-Mart car park in Orange County, CA, USA; please make sure you avoid evil looking person, or those who like to scare others with his "towering" body like an AIDS patient. You all have a nice day now.

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