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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top Five, (5) Best Augmented Reality Apps for Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS & 4G (free, download, iOS, jailbreak, Auckland)

There are several apps for the iPhone here a list of the top 5 best augmented reality iPhone apps .. If you've seen some of modern Hollywood movies, I probably would have seen our world who look, look at 20-30 years. Who knows when applications become more mainstream, but they made their way to the iPhone platform. Augmented reality is the future, but thanks to this Augmented Reality applications for the iPhone, you will experience the future today.
1. New York Nearest Places
It is one of the best iPhone augmented iPhone app. New York allows you as never before. And you saw nothing. You can use the Chicago edition, if that's where you live.
2. Panoramascope
It is also one of the best augmented iPhone app. It is greatest which inform about environment. Ideal for those who are in the open, camping.
3. Robotvision
No doubt it is also one of the best iPhone augmented iPhone app. By this app you can determine the nearby improved.
4. Cyclopedia
It is also one of the best iPhone augmented iPhone app. Just inserts the information accessible to your reality. If you move your iPhone will automatically dig up information and displays it on screen.
5. Layar Reality Browser
It is great invention for the iPhone users as well as a free program for digital information on top of what you see through the camera shows. The application has a lot of potential, and many of you have written to me to include it in this list. But I think it has some problems to be solved, but it's free. So try it!

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