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Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 10 iPhone Racing Games: Real Racing, Ground Effect, Jet Car Stunts

One of the most hotly contested proving grounds for any console is the racing genre and the iPhone is no different. There's a huge variety of different types of racing game to choose from on the App Store, and we have decided to compile ten of the absolute best. So when it comes to having something to show off how fantastic your shiny new iPhone 3GS is to your friends, you'll be in pole position. And so, in no particular order...

2XL Supercross 
2XL Supercross - $7.99
This is still, not just one of the finest looking racers on the iPhone, but one of the finest looking games. It’s been updated several times since its release and now comes with a total of 15 tracks and 8 different control layouts, meaning there should be no complaints on those fronts. There’s also a dedicated 2XL server where you can compare your race times with other dirt rippers. If this game gets your engine revving, then you should also check out the similarly great 2XL ATV Offroad from the same developer.

Real Racing 
Real Racing - $9.99
This one has grabbed more column inches than most racing games, thanks in part to the profile raising Flight Control which elevated people’s expectations of Firemint’s abilities, but also due to the fact that it features some of the finest track racing to appear on the iPhone. The collision physics are top notch and visually, it’s capable of silencing even the most hardened of iPhone gaming cynics. Now if only Firemint would hurry up and release that turbo charged 3GS edition it showed off earlier in the year.

Boost 3D 
Boost 3D - $1.99 (currently $0.99)
This is an odd one. There are no other racers and the tracks are entirely dynamic. That said, to call it anything other than a racer would seem wrong, so let’s agree that this is just a very original one. The aim is to steer past the coloured blocks while you hurtle forward automatically. The sense of speed is nigh on unparalleled and the stark visuals are an absolute triumph. It might not hold your attention for long, but in terms of games that push the genre forward, Boost is more exciting than many of its peers.

Need for speed 
Need for Speed Undercover - $4.99
EA now lavishes the same attention on its iPhone releases as it does on other handheld consoles and Need for Speed Undercover is a bold statement of EA’s ambitions for the platform. Its vital statistics blow most of the competition away. Besides featuring 20 of the world’s most desirable real cars, there are 8 modes, three huge environments and 24 missions. And that’s all before you’ve got to grips with the customization options and upgrades. A genuine console-quality title on your iPhone and not to be missed.

Aqua Moto Racing 
Aqua Moto Racing - $3.99 (sale $0.99)
Charting territory that’s largely unchallenged in the iPhone space, sea-faring Aqua Moto Racing is as refreshing as it is technically accomplished. The bobbing waves and water effects are impressive, while the racing action itself is intense, addictive and challenging. It may be a bit short on extra modes, but the inclusion of stunts for gaining additional boost as well as a cool Ghost mode where you can go head to head with the best racers in the world, keep this title head and shoulders above water.

Asphalt 5 
Asphalt 5 - $4.99
Gameloft has been pushing the Asphalt series since the days of Java on mobile phones and with the fifth official sequel developed as an iPhone exclusive, the series has quite possibly reached its zenith point. Featuring a whopping 30 real life cars (including the mythical Bugatti Veyron 16.4) this one is all about unashamed car porn. It’s fast too though and speed freaks can enjoy boasting rights on the included online leaderboard. Vroom Vroom indeed.  You may want to try FREE version.

Ground Effect 
Ground Effect - $3.99( sale $0.99)
Opting out of the battle for tyre screeching supremacy, Ground Effect features futuristic hover cars speeding through enormous, verdant open-world environments with show stopping falls, jumps and unapologetic spectacle. It’s also one of the only games on the App Store to feature full stereoscopic 3D visuals, so if you have some 3D glasses you can add an extra dimension to the already impressive visuals.

Slotz Racer 
Slotz Racer - $4.99
Slotz Racer is not a game for speed freaks, but it’s a great off-kilter alternative to the standard racing set-up. Playing out as a table top effort, it’s all about controlling acceleration to stay on the track. But that’s only half the fun, Slotz Racer’s real draw is that you can create and share your own tracks with a very easy to use track editor. Not one to show off how great your iPhone is at pushing polygons, but it definitely shows off just how varied and creative a place the App Store is.

Jet Car Stunts 
Jet Car Stunts - $1.99
Again, Jet Car Stunts is not your typical racer. The tracks feature some of the most stomach churningly vertiginous designs you could possibly imagine and playing it feels akin to steering a derailed roller-coaster. It’s much more fun than it sounds and though there is a certain amount of trial and error involved, the precision and inventiveness with which this classic has been crafted will keep you coming back time and time again.

Rally Master Pro 3D 
Rally Master Pro 3D - $4.99
Back on familiar, dirty ground, Rally Master Pro 3D is about skidding about in the mud in overpowered, lightweight vehicles with a footloose and fancy free abandon for safety. Sporting a damage model, an as yet rare feature in iPhone racers, as well as a weather system and a staggering 27 tracks, Race Master Pro 3D carries the sort of features that must make its peers gurn with envy. It’s a looker too and makes for a superbly executed dirt kicking alternative to the garage of tarmac chewers on the App Store.
And so there you have it, ten speedy roadsters to clock up some serious mileage with over the holidays. We think we’ve covered a broad spectrum of different types of racing games, all of an exceptionally high quality. But maybe there are some games that are missing that you feel should have been included. Don’t be shy, we love to know what our readers think so if you have any other recommendations for top notch racing action on the iPhone, do please comment and let us know. We’re off for a pit stop now - enjoy!

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