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Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Rumors About the Sony S1 Tablet (smartphone, tech, news, update, leaked)

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Today Engadget was able to get some inside information on a tablet in the works by Sony. Right now, it's codenamed the S1. Not much is known about it aside from the information they were able to grab. Keep in mind that Engadget seems to have some very good sources from within Sony, as they were spot-on with the Xperia Play, which just recently became official.
Let's look at the rumors built up so far. As usual, after the jump:
1) PlayStation Certified 
Sony Computer Entertainment revealed their PlayStation Ceritified licensing program last month. It's going to give anrdoi devices the ability to carry a PlayStation license, meaning it basically carries Sony's seal of approval saying that the said tablet or smartphone is capable of giving users a PlayStation experience.

2) Runs on Android
This was probably and easy guess given that it's PlayStation Certified. The tablet will be running Android. Honeycomb, to be exact, which is the first version of the mobile operating system to be optimized for tablet computers.
3) Pre-loaded with PSOne Games
There is a rumor saying that it will come pre-loaded with PlayStation One games. That would be avery cool idea if true. Of course we don't know which games it will come with, but we can hope for a few classics like Twisted Metal 2 and Metal Gear Solid, right?
4) Wrap Design
This is an interesting concept. The device will have somewhat of a "wrap" design around the edge. Engadget's source says that it's one of the nicer things they've seen come from Sony and it's made to mimick the look/feel of a magazine or paperback book with the cover folder back. This "wrap" also houses many of the internal components such as the battery and the Tegra 2 processor.
5) Qriocity
It's said that this tablet wil come with Qriocity. Qriocity is Sony's service designed for purchasing music and video on demand.
6) Target Price
Sony is aiming to price the wifi-only version of this tablet at $599. That is $100 more than the current base-model iPad. We've heard rumors that the iPad 2 may cost around that much, but even then, neither of these numbers have been confirmed. Things can easily change.

PlayStation Everywhere
Sony is taking the PlayStation brand everywhere. It's a rather smart idea. They have realized that they need to expand to the mobile space and release devices like the Xperia Play if the want to continue to capture users in the handheld market. While devices like this one are no NGP (PSP2), they will definitely cater to the fans and possibly expand their audience to other smartphone owners.

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