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Monday, June 27, 2011

Playboy and Penthouse Free On Your iPhone!!

Zinio has released an optimized iPhone magazine reader which allows you to view full popular magazines for free.

And hurry up - this might not last long.


We heard about Zinio releasing an iPhone version of it's super-popular online magazine reader, so we decided to do a little investigation.
On their regular website offers a single issue for $4.99 - and allows you to preview the first 20 pages (which are 75% ads anyway)
The iPhone version - however - allows you to view the entire magazine - from start to finish - for free.
To access this site go to: from your iPhone
If you don't own an iPhone but want to view these magazines anyway:
Simply change your user agent to iPhone on your Safari browser by following these super simpleinstructions.
Do the same on your Mozilla Firefox browser by following these quick and easy instructions.

It's worth it.

Pictures are not scrambled on Zinio.
They offer tons of popular magazine titles:
US News
Mens Health
Car and Drive
PC Magazine
Technology Review
Popular Photography
...and more are constantly being updated

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