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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sony Announces PlayStation iPhone and Android Apps

The Official PlayStation App for the iPhone
The Official PlayStation App for the iPhone
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) recently announced the that they will be releasing a their official PlayStation App for the iPhone and for the Android (1.6 and up) operating systems.

The App is basically a way for PlayStation owners to keep up with everything on PSN, such as the following:
- Check out your PlayStation Network trophies and keep up to date with your friends’ games and online status.
- Discover all the latest games, news and hardware for your PS3, PSP and PS2.
- Read all the announcements on the European PlayStation.Blog
- Share your favourite products or news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.
Version 1.0 will launch in the following counties: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands.
SCEE says they are working on the next version already, which will support even more countries, and they will be adding new features in the next few months.
This is something like the Xbox LIVE feature Windows Phone 7, which lets users manage their friends and more. Because both the Xbox and Windows Phone 7 are Microsoft products, they have stepped up the level of integration and allowed users to play some games on their phone over the LIVE network as well.
This sort of integration is a given for the all-but-confirmed PSP Phone which is a separate device from the PSP2.

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