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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nokia unleashes its short movie, shot exclusively on the Nokia N8 (tech, news, report, update, leaked, Auckland)

Nokia presents The Commuter, a funny short film, starring "Slumdog Millionaire" Dev Patel with a cameo by Pam Anderson. Beside the stellar cast, the other thing that's intriguing about the flick is the fact it's shot exclusively on the Nokia N8.

The Commuter is yet another proof of the Nokia N8 camcorder skills. Well, contrast could have been better in some scenes but still, you can hardly tell that the 720p HD movie was shot with a mobile phone.

Now, get the pop corn and dim the lights, will you?
ust don't expect you can grab a Nokia N8 and go shoot something like that. The team behind the movie has used some expensive pro-level accessories. We bet they've used at least a tripod with a fluid video head, a steadicam-type stabilizer adapted for cameraphone use and some specialized video lighting.

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